Working with Weebly

Working with Weebly

Working with Weebly

Weebly is a web hosting service with embedded drag-and-drop web building software which makes it easy to put your thoughts into a viable website.

If you’re starting a business or interested in testing an idea online then might be for you. In less than 30 minutes I put together a free website as a test of Weebly’s functionality. See

Like WordPress, Weebly allows you to test a website, its look, its “feel”, and tweak the site before you’re ready to invest in greater functionality.

WordPress Versus Weebly

Where and are focused on building blogs, Weebly is focused on building websites…but you can add a blog with Weebly if you’d like.

Weebly levels of service:

Basic—$0/mo                        Basic service— suffix to your domain.

Starter—$3.29/mo               First level you can use your personal domain

Pro—$6.63/mo                      Allows HD video/audio players on your site.

Business—$19.45+/mo     Highest level of service includes ecommerce products.

Getting Started

Signing up is easy and you can choose any level of service to start. If you have your own domain name you can tie it to Weebly with one of the three paid levels of service.

If you don’t have a domain and want to purchase one you can do so through Weebly.

Once you decide on your level of service you’re given a choice between building your site and planning your site.

Planning Your Site

If you choose to go the planning route, Weebly walks you through a goal-setting page for your proposed website. This is a good place to take the time to define EXACTLY what you expect your website to accomplish.

Weebly also encourages you to look at other sites to get a “feel” for what you’d like your site to look like.

Once you’ve completed your goal building it’s time to build your website.

Building Your Weebly Website

In this section Weebly will give you pointers on:

Organizing pages: Weebly suggests starting your build on three to five core pages: Homepage, About Page, Contact Page, Showcase Page, and a Blog Page.

Laying out pages: The orientation shows several different layouts for your web pages as well as showing you tips and tricks for your site.

Change your theme: Part of any testing will include trying different themes for your website’s design. Weebly helps by showing how to change default fonts, add a logo, create a unique banner image and link to social profiles.

Amazing photos: Adding high-quality photos is an important way to have your website stand out in the millions of websites on the Internet. Weebly’s orientation shows you how to add galleries and slideshows to your new project.

Growing Your Website

In the final planning step Weebly gives you some basic information on how to:

Pick a domain: This part of the orientation gives you ideas on what you should and should not do when choosing your domain name.

Publish: Publishing, or making your site available should be done as soon as possible. Here Weebly’s orientation discusses the difference between publishing and saving your work.

Grow visitors: Finally, the guided tour gives helpful hints on how to get the word out and track and measure your growth.

Weebly is a great place to quickly get a website up and running. Even if you choose to hire a specialist in the future, working through the orientation and setting up a test site is a great way to gain basic knowledge on what a website is made of.

The scalability of Weebly allows you to build a very good basic site for very little cost then add functionality to your site as your business grows.

What have you got to lose? Give Weebly a try at

Have you tried or do you use Weebly? How’s your experience been?
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