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Working With MailChimp and WordPress Popup Plugin

Working With MailChimp

Working With MailChimp

Hopefully you’ve noticed the change we’ve made to recently—adding a floating

opt-in form for our mailing list. As we grow and improve our blogsite,, we experiment with tools and techniques available to our readers before we write about them.

MailChimp and WordPress Popup Plugin are the latest tools we’ve experiment with and are happy to share our results with you.

Briefly, WP Popup Plugin is a plugin we added to our WordPress blog that integrates with MailChip Autoresponder.

MailChimp Autoresponder

So, what is an autoresponder and why MailChimp? An autoresponder is simply a computer program that automatically answers emails. In our case with the WP Popup Plugin, when a reader opts-in to our mailing list, an email confirming their opt-in is automatically sent to the reader. Once confirmed, the reader is added to our list.

The beauty of MailChimp is not only automatic responses to our opt-ins, but the ability for us to develop email campaigns for our readers, send electronic newsletters, coupons, or pretty much anything we feel our readers will value.

Oh, and did I mention MailChimp is FREE? Yep, like most of the services we review, you can start with a free level of service and as your business grows you can add new features at low prices. Here’s the basic information on the two paid levels of MailChimp services:

Growing Business                        Up to 50,000 subscribers             $10-$25/mo (at this level of subscribers a publishing company will gladly publish your book)

High Volume Sender                  More than 50,000 subscribers    $425-$525/mo (once you get to this level of subscriber you’ll gladly pay this fee)

NOTE: These numbers are based upon numbers of subscriber and numbers of emails per month as well as other factors. For more information click: HERE

What we like about MailChimp, besides the price, is its wide variety of templates, support, analytics, and scalability.

MailChimp has an easy walk-through introduction process that helps you set up your first list and emails. You’ll want to give your first list and email a bit of thought so once you’ve added your WP Popup plugin to your WordPress site you’ll have a personalized “thank you” email for opting in to your site.

Another key feature we like at MailChimp is its blog. The blog gives hints and tips to better use their service and other interesting articles as well.

Here at we’re working on producing an electronic newsletter using templates provided by MailChimp. Signup for our mailing list and you’ll be one of the first to review and provide us with feedback on the newsletter. We’re really excited about this addition for our readers!

WordPress Popup Plugin

WP Popup is produced by WPMU DEV and comes in two varieties, FREE and WP Popup Pro. Needless to say, we’re evaluating the FREE version—don’t you just love try before you buy software?

Like any WordPress plugin one can either go directly to the development page and download the plugin or go through your dashboard on your WordPress site.

After adding your new plugin you’ll need to go to the WP Popup tool to personalize your Opt-In Popup. You’ll then need to go to Settings/WP Popup Settings to link your popup to MailChimp.

That’s about all there is to it! You’ve now got an opt-in popup for your WordPress site.

If you’ve already setup your MailChimp “thank you” letter then log out of your WordPress site and then go back and make sure the popup works, add your name and email to your list, and BINGO, you’re ready to rock your clients and customers.

Here’s to your success!

Do you use MailChimp? Please share your experiences by commenting below.
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