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Work from home, is it your dream or is it your nightmare? In today’s economic times with high levels of unemployment,

Work from Home

underemployment and downright frustration maybe you have to work from home.

Friday’s job report of 8.2% unemployment and only 80,000 new jobs added to the US economy once again reminded us of how fragile of an economy we have. Unemployment and frustration in Europe is further proof of hard times for many. Is their any good news?

In a word, yes!

Historically some of the greatest innovations and companies have sprung from poor economies. In fact, today with so many out of work and traditional jobs we are actually seeing a rise in business start ups. Interestingly, however, these start ups are not the traditional brick and mortar businesses we have seen in the past, instead, we are seeing a significant increase in online businesses. The kinds of businesses that allow many to work at home.

Many experts are beginning to see this economy create what is being called “The Age of the Entrepreneur”. Factors such as underemployment have led many former full-time workers earning good money to work from home as online business owners. Many of the retiring baby boomers are turning to online businesses they can work from home to supplement decimated retirement funds.

The ability to work from home gives many global entrepreneurs the ability to supplement if not replace income once provided by jobs.

If you decide to work at home in an online business I have two words for you— caveat emptor, let the buyer beware! There are many ways to make money online. Just do an online search on Google for: work from home, online business, work online, business online, etc. and you see hundreds if not thousands of people and organizations vying for your hard-earned money.

So how do you know whether the business opportunity or work from home business is legit? See if the company offering your opportunity follows the rules, that’s how.

The Good News!

Back on 1 March 2012 the United States Federal Trade Commission implemented a new “Business Opportunity” rule designed to help potential buyers of a business opportunity or work from home business. In a nutshell the company offering the opportunity has certain requirements:

  1. The company must give the prospective buyer a one-page Business Opportunity Disclosure Document.
  2. The company may, or may not, choose to make, an earnings claim statement in the Disclosure. IF the company chooses to make an earnings claim, they must provide a specific document called the EARNINGS CLAIM STATEMENT.
  3. The company has to comply with general truth-in-advertising principles.

Simply put, if you come across any business opportunity that does not comply with these rules—RUN AWAY!

Implementation of these new rules will force all companies selling a home business opportunity to provide information to the potential purchaser much like the current rules for franchises and franchisees.

As far as I’m concerned this is great news as it will help separate legitimate opportunities from the scams running rampant on the Internet today.

 4 Key Things to Look for if you plan to work from home:

  1. Does the company comply with the US FTC rules for work from home opportunities?
  2. Does the company disclose any disputes it is involved with?
  3. Is the company up front with its cancellation or refund policy?
  4. Does the company provide references of 10 people that have bought a business opportunity from the company?

If the company complies with these 4 key items the chances are much higher that the opportunity you are considering is legitimate.

But, as with all things, make sure you do your due diligence. READ the documents, ask questions, research the company and finally make sure this is what you want.

If you can answer these four questions comfortably, you’ll probably have a better chance of success with your work from home opportunity.

All the best in your search to work from home and I’ll see you on the beaches of the world!


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