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What’s Your Why?—What Motivates You To Be In Business?

What's Your Why

What's Your Why

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While it seems like a simple question, how many of you can articulate what it is that inspires you to be in business? I’m not talking about the intangibles we all have, like freedom, lifestyle, whatever…I’m talking about the knock down, nitty gritty, WHY.

Knowing what’s your why will help you on those long days where you come home late from working your 9 to 5, the kids are in bed, the wife’s asleep and you need to get to go to work for your business.

What’s your why? What motivates you to make the phone calls, check you email, post your blog when you’ve already put in a 14 plus hour day?

What’s Your Why?

That’s my question, and I’d like to hear from you? What is it that no kidding, no BS is motivating you to build your business?

Let me share what it is for me…I’ll tell you mine if you tell me yours, lol.

I’ve worked all of my adult life. I spent over 22 years in the military. Now to some of you that doesn’t mean much and that’s OK. You have no idea what it’s like to give up your some of your Constitutional rights like free speech. Unless you have served in the military you have no idea what it’s like to give up the freedom to choose.

In the military we had a thing we called “the unlimited liability clause” which meant that unlike other professions, we couldn’t quit when the going got hard. If the commander said take the hill and we knew it was suicide, we had to take the hill or face a firing squad or hangman’s noose. Yes, it IS that cut and dried.

Now that’s a bit drastic but I just want you to know that’s a decision I made and I begrudge no one who has not made it. That’s what makes our nation great, the ability to make INDIVIDUAL choices.

But now that I have retired from the military I want to experience EVERYTHING this nation has to offer. I’ve paid my dues and today I relish in the thought of helping entrepreneurs become successful.

You see, after all those years in the military I understand that the backbone of our system is free enterprise and I plan on spending the rest of my life helping free enterprise flourish; oh and spending time with my granddaughter, too!

What's Your Why

My Granddaughter Rosie...Ain't She Cute!

That’s My Why—What’s Your Why?

Is it the thought of being with your children or grandchildren? Is it the thought of lying on a beach with your significant other?

What’s your why and what motivates you to go the extra mile?

Are you the person who says to themselves, “If I can give my boss 40 hours in a week, I can give my family 20 hours to work my business.”

Only you can answer the question of what’s your why.

We all have our own, some are very personal and you won’t want to share them, I understand. If you are willing, I’m truly interested in what’s your why.

When it’s all said and done YOU need to know what’s your why so on those long days when it would be easy to say, “I’ll get to business tomorrow,” you don’t. Instead you roll up your sleeves and do what needs to be done.

What’s your why? Leave a comment and let my readers and me know!

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