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What’s Your Message? Does Your Online Message Say Who You Are?

As a business migrates from offline to online it’s important for the business owner to keep the message clear.

What's Your Message

What's Your Message?

That message MUST be consistent with what the business is and what it represents.

It’s too easy for new entrepreneurs to become sidetracked by “experts” touting program after program designed to build you business that unfortunately leads to competing and confusing messages about who and what your business really is.

For example, a landscaping business with a blog may give pointers to its readers about how and when to plant certain flowers. The business owner, after watching a seminar on affiliate marketing, decides to supplement his landscaping business by offering banner ads and text links to her site.

Not a problem…as long as the ads aren’t for baby diapers, auto parts, or printers. The point is the advertising doesn’t fit the message.

What’s Your Message?

If, on the other hand, the web site offers affiliate links to seed companies, gardening tools, or Amazon’s top 50 gardening books the site is ON MESSAGE!

The Internet and the availability of marketing opportunities is enormous. New business owners can EASILY be sidetracked from their original reasons for getting online…new customers for their existing business.

Know what’ your message…is it landscaping, gold and silver coins, or training and education? By staying on message and on track it’s easier for potential customers to find you and take advantage of your business or service.

How Do you Determine What’s Your Message?

As a business owner one of the first things you SHOULD have done BEFORE going into business is determine your target market. Are you, as a landscaper, targeting homeowners, large office complexes, resorts, all of the above or a combination?

Once you determine your IDEAL customer you can determine what’s your message.

With that in most businesses develop OFFLINE ad campaigns to support their message.

It’s not different ONLINE and probably more important since chasing shiny objects, like every affiliate opportunity the comes along, will dilute the question of, “What’s Your Message?”‘

How Do You Stay On Message?

What's Your Message

Beaches of the World

Once you know what’s your message and who your target consumer is it’s easy to stay on message. Keep your message in mind whenever you make a decision about who to affiliate or partner with. Keep your ideal customer in mind when you make decisions about your online presence….does affiliating with this company fulfill and need or desire for your customer?

If the answer is YES…then go for it. if the answer is NO you need to pass.

See you on the beaches of the world!





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