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Triple Your Sales in One Year—Part II

Triple Your Sales

Triple Your Sales

Thursday I talked about three steps to help you triple your sales. I’ve assumed you’ve identified your product and market fit and have an idea of what traffic source you’ll use to drive traffic to your website. With those first two critical steps accomplished it’s on to:

1. Develop your LEAD MAGNET. Remember this is a FREE item of value to your lead.

2. Once the LEAD MAGNET is developed, you’ll offer something of value FOR SALE to your lead. You want to get your lead to purchase something from you. We called this a TRIPWIRE.

3. And the third step we discussed was actually selling your CORE PRODUCT or products to your customer.

By just concentrating on adding a lead magnet and tripwire item to your marketing efforts it is not inconceivable that you could easily triple your sales…in one year or less.

Two Critical Steps to Triple Your Sales

The next two steps, however, are the magic of a system based upon the principles taught by Jay Abraham. Jay Abraham is a LEGEND in direct response marketing. It’s his principles that have propelled many businesses to success and have been especially key to the success of the folks at

When you walk into McDonald’s and order a hamburger what’s the next thing you’ll hear? “Would you like fries with that”? You may also hear, “Would you like to super-size that meal?”

Newsflash: McDonald’s doesn’t make money on the burger, it makes it on the up-sell, the fries, the drink, the super-sized meal. The hamburger is just the tripwire. It gets you in the door and you make a small purchase. The real money is made with the extras.

The same goes for You’ve seen it. You purchase an item from Amazon and up pops a screen, “People who bought what you just bought also bought this.”

Amazon has paid HUGE money just to get you in the door and to buy one item. If you buy more than one they’ll make a profit. That’s right, they’re not making much, if anything, from you just coming in to buy one item.

The same goes for companies like Best Buy. Would you be surprised to know they don’t make money on the electronics they sell? They make the real money from the up-sell and cross-sells.

Step 4: Is called a PROFIT MAXIMIZER. Think about it, after selling a core item to your customer, what would be of value to them that you could add on and maximize your profit?

Remember, studies show once a person buys, they’re in the mood to buy some more.

Step 5: The final step to triple your sales is the RETURN PATH. This step is essentially staying in touch.

What do we do with the email addresses of the people who didn’t purchase our tripwire or core product? What about the folks who purchased the tripwire but not the core product?

What do we do with a customer how bought the “full Monte”? We keep in touch. We do this by providing VALUE through various media: email marketing, blogging, social media, etc.

Dan Kennedy uses the womb analogy. When a client opts in to your email list they’re now in your womb and it may take some time for the baby to be born (a client to purchase). Staying in touch and providing VALUE can, and should, lead to long-term relationships that are valuable for both you and your leads.

In a nutshell the five steps are:

1. Offer a LEAD MAGNET.

2. Offer a TRIPWIRE.

3. Offer a CORE PRODUCT.


5. Create a RETURN PATH.

I’ve just scratched the surface of what Ryan Deiss and his team at Digital Marketer teach. For fantastic, more in-depth information on what they call Customer Value Optimization, click HERE.

Here’s to your success!

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