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Triple Your Sales in One year (Or Less)

Triple Your Sales

Triple Your Sales

If I could show you a fairly easy way to triple your sales, would you be interested? That’s a pretty dumb question, right; who wouldn’t be interested in increasing your sales? All right then, roll up your sleeves, pull out your notepad, grab a pen and let’s get started.

The techniques I’ll share with you today have been used by hundreds of online and offline entrepreneurs. They’ve seen these methods work in their businesses, regardless of industry. If you’ll do you homework and apply these principles as well, you could the same, if not better results.

I’m going to assume you’ve already taken the time to determine your product and market fit as well as your traffic source. Product and market fit is simply best market (client/customer) for your product/service. Traffic source is simply what will drive traffic to your website: Facebook, YouTube, Google Ads, etc.

Step One: Once you’ve determined your product and market fit and your traffic source you’ll need to identify a LEAD MAGNET. The lead magnet can come in several forms but it’s almost ALWAYS FREE and is designed to have your potential client or customer provide you with a name and email. In order to entice said client/customer, we’ll need to provide them with a “Wow”. That wow could take the form of a bit of information: free report, booklet, white paper, etc. It could be a free sample, or a free catalog (which can provide prices for high-end items that might scare off a prospect initially).

Once you’ve defined your LEAD MAGNET, it’s time to move on to step two.

Step Two: Is a SALES TRIPWIRE. The sales tripwire is most likely a lost leader item. Something of value that is fairly inexpensive for your lead to purchase. The idea with the tripwire is to get a sale, no matter how small. Examples of sales tripwires include a service for say $5 that’s normally $25-$50 dollars. It could be an accessory that you’d use with your core product. Just look at Groupon or and you’ll see all kinds of examples of sales tripwires. One tripwire I saw recently was a small $4.95 survival match/lighter offered by a survival retailer. All a tripwire needs to be is something small, inexpensive, but of value to a potential client/customer. A note of caution here, however; it may be better to charge $4.95 for the item with free shipping than give the item away for free and charge $4.95 shipping and handling. This is where split testing will payoff (more about split testing in a future article). Markets today are more sophisticated and they’re not easily fooled by the “free” offer.

The goal of the SALES TRIPWIRE is to get your lead to buys something from you.

Step Three: This is the CORE PRODUCT sale. The actual product or service you’re trying to move. Here’s where you deliver on your big promise by providing proof and an irresistible offer topped off by a clear and concise call to action.

Implement these three steps into your marketing strategy and you make sales you may have missed earlier. A process that could easily triple your sales. In step one you pull in contacts for future sales. In step two you’ve got your prospect purchase from you which CAN be an easy transition to step three; selling a core product.

But the process really doesn’t stop here, in fact many business look at these three steps as the breakeven point in their business. The next two steps are where the REAL money is made. We’ll go in depth into the next two steps in our next post. Until then…

Here’s to your success!

What do you think? Can you triple your sales with  these three steps? Leave a comment below!

Keith is the resident writer and troublemaker at Empowered Pros.
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