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The trooper looks out over the HESCO barriers and barbed wire—it’s a view you’d have to see to believe. The road winds its way along the valley floor next to the dry wadi. No dust on the road means no cars or trucks…maybe a few hours of piece.

He takes in a deep breath and sighs, the smell of dust and sewage is thick in the air. Although its late November the sun still burns during the day and nights are bitterly cold; it’s like a light switch going from hot to freezing after sunset.

His stomach growls, a bit louder than the last one, the hunger pangs of a young man far from home and the empty place in his heart so far from family. Time to eat and reflect on home.

All across the world young men and women will spend this Thanksgiving at remote outposts.

At a time we celebrate and give thanks to whatever deity we may worship—or not; at a time when we are surrounded by family and friends, please take a moment when you say your Thanksgiving Day prayers and give thanks for those young men and women on freedom’s frontier.

We Have Much to Be Thankful For This Thanksgiving

Here at we have much to be thankful for this year and don’t mind sharing our blessings with you on Thanksgiving.

First and foremost we are thankful to be blessed with each other for over 39 years. It’s amazing how the years have flown past and it only seems like yesterday we first met in Hawaii.

We’re also just as grateful for our family, two wonderful sons, the greatest daughter-in-law a mom and dad could hope for, and the absolute, without-a-doubt best granddaughter in the whole wide world.

The free enterprise system in the good old U S of A is something we are thankful for and though sometimes it’s battered and bruised by good intentions it’s still possible for ANYONE to step up and change their lot in life.

This year we’ve had the good fortune to work with new business partners at American Writers and Artists, Dan Kennedy and Bill Glazer at GKIC,

We’ve had the opportunity to meet several writing and copywriting legends, Bob Bly, John Forde, and Clayton Makepeace.

And most of all we have you, our loyal readers to be extremely thankful for. We started as a way to help others who have struggled with the idea of starting a business.

We’ve been able to learn as we’ve grown our site, have had fun sharing our successes and stumbles with you, and are looking forward to sharing more and exciting experiences as we move ahead.

Our Thanksgiving Wishes for You

As we give thanks on Thanksgiving we add all of you to our prayers for a happy, peaceful and successful year ahead. We pray you reach all your goals, meet all your aspirations, and do so with kindness and goodness in your hearts.

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone from the Empowered Pros!

Here’s to your success!


Do you have anything you’re thankful for this Thanksgiving you’d like to share?
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