Interesting and Relevant—Does That Describe Your Content Marketing?

Interesting and Relevant?

Interesting and Relevant?

You want to build your business by adding interesting content to your website. You’ve read several articles about how today’s markets are driven by “content marketing”.

So what is content marketing how do I get started?

Unfortunately, when most business owners think of content marketing they think it is nothing more than an email campaign. NOT SO, it can, and should, be much more.

The premise of content marketing is that by providing interesting and relevant information to interested people you are developing future clients or customers.

Interesting and relevant are important if your content marketing campaign is to be successful. In a world bombarded by copious amounts of information people pick and choose what they read or watch quickly. If you can’t catch your prospective audience immediately, you are wasting your time.

What’s interesting? Look at what’s going viral on Twitter or YouTube. People today want to be entertained. We don’t surf the net to read BORING…boring, the biggest mistake a marketer can make. Read the rest of this entry

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