A Technique for Producing Ideas—Review           

James Webb Young was a legendary advertising executive whose career began early in the 20th century. He was the author of three books,

James W. Young Master Copywriter

James W. Young Master Copywriter

Diary of an Ad Man, How to Become an Advertising Man (both out of print), and A Technique for Producing Ideas.

His last book is considered one of the greats for helping business owners develop creative ideas. In fact, the book was chosen by copywriting legend Bob Bly as a recent featured book at the American Writers and Artists Great Books Club.

In this short, easily read book, Mr. Young gives the reader a 5-step formula to train the mind to develop creative thought. Simply put, his five steps are:

  1. Gather raw materials.
  2. Work out those materials in your mind.
  3. The incubating stage.
  4. The actual birth of the idea.
  5. The final shaping and development of the idea to usefulness.

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