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Clayton Makepeace on the Astonishing Power of Fear


Here’s another great article from Clayton Makepeace courtesy of The Golden Thread from American Writers and Artists, Inc. While it is specifically written for copywriters, many of you you are writing your own ad copy for business and this is a great article to help you write better copy. If you’re not writing copy, it’s still a great article to move your business forward. K&I

Clayton Makepeace on the Astonishing
Power of Fear
By Clayton Makepeace

Have you ever been tempted to squeeze an irresistibly cute bottom? Tell the judge where he can stick that speeding ticket? Claim a tax deduction you don’t really deserve? Drink and drive?

So why didn’t you?

What’s that you say? You don’t do those things because you’re a moral person?

Well, while your application for sainthood is being processed, consider the rest of us – imperfect folks who are sorely tempted to do all of those things and still don’t – simply because we fear the consequences.

In a word, “jail.” Read the rest of this entry

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