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How NOT to Market Your Business

How Not to Market Your Business

How Not to Market Your Business

Does this sound familiar? You opt-in to a website in order to receive a free report, white paper, booklet, etc. Per the instructions, you confirm your opt-information and are directed to a link or soon thereafter receive another email with the lead magnet you wanted.

Smart marketers use lead magnets as a way to get your name and email address; and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with this as long as you receive the item or items you’ve requested!

Let’s face it, if I can get free information for providing a name and email address, why not. If I don’t care for the information I receive I can always (1) unsubscribe to the sender and/or (2) blacklist the sender’s email address. Lead magnets are a legitimate way for you the consumer to be introduced to a new provider.

If you make the decision to not opt out and the next day you’re email is inundated with a million emails selling you this that or the other thing from the provider, you’ll probably change your mind. Read the rest of this entry

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