AWAI Bootcamp 2014 — Final Day

The mood in the grand ballroom was mixed today as last night’s Luau and party-till-you-can’t-party-anymore session left more than a few a bit…oh shall we say…tired? The party may have lasted until dawn leaving a lot of folks tired but the excitement was still high for the final day. At the same time, there were also feelings of relief…hey it is a bootcamp and we do have other lives; disappointment…we met a lot of great folks, learned a lot, and felt the excitement of Project Freedom. Could this really be the end?

AWAI saved some of the best for last on Saturday. The lineup today included a touching message from Sean McCool, a kick-butt Circle of Success session with Will Newman, Jen Stevens, and John Forde…oh and a simultaneous session with Joshua Boswell (wink to all the attendees about that) and the topping on the cake for learning sessions…copywriting legend Clayton Makepeace!


AWAI Bootcamp’s Over-Now Get to Work!

Clayton’s concluded his superb talk on How to Beat Any Control by the announcing this year’s winners of Clayton’s Spec Challenge. Yes, I said winners! Two new CUB copywriters will be working with Clayton this year and even though they each won over $12,000 you can’t put a price on the ability to work with Clayton and his kick-butt team.

AWAI gave a free lunch…yes, there really is such a thing…and concluded the day with those hard-working folks who’d submitted specs to AWAI and won $1000 each. A tip of the hat and congratulations to all of the winners this year who’ve earned the opportunity to work closer with Katie and Rebecca and all the staff at AWAI.

Rebecca Matter had the pleasure of introducing AWAI’s Copywriter of the Year for 2014, Nick Usborne. She did a great job although she has a challenge with public speaking and was a bit choked up since Nick’s been a mentor to her. Congratulations Nick, it’s well deserved and we’re all very happy for you.

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