AWAI Bootcamp Day Three — Job Fair

It’s now Friday morning and we hit the ground running with A Taste of Niche Markets” Web Copywriting Opportunities with Rebecca Matter, Nick Usborne, Heather Robson, Lori Haller, and Charlotte Crockett…I have to admit…I slept in. The good news is all the sessions are recorded and the audio will be on AWAI’s website!

AWAI Job Fair

AWAI Job Fair

After a brief Jumpstart session by Joshua Boswell, Mindy McHorse from The Barefoot Writer and frequent contributor to AWAIOnline talked about how she conquered her fear in order to achieve a six-figure income.

One of my AWAI favorites, Will Newman, gave a great presentation on The Single Most Important Secret to Headline Success. I was so impressed with his presentation and teaching ability I made up my mind to invest in the AWAI Circle of Success (COS). Will’s is one of the instructors for this program and I hope I’ll get him during my advanced training as a COS member.

Next on deck was copywriting greats John Forde of The Copywriter’s Roundtable and Jen Stevens giving us a chance to review What Worked … What Didn’t. Having the opportunity to vote on previous campaigns was an eye-opener and fortunately John gave us a great website to keep up with our review…more on this later.

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