Start With The Who—7 Questions That Can Increase Profits

How would you like to make MORE money in your business with LESS clients or customers? Would you rather have 1000 people

7 Questions

7 Questions

purchasing $10 ten percent of the time or have 200 people purchasing $50 fifty percent of the time?

Sound impossible, well it’s not if you have properly identified your ideal client or customer.

“Start with the who then work backwards”—profound words from marketing genius Dan Kennedy.

According to Dan, the most important thing a business owner can do is to take time to learn EXACTLY who is their ideal customer.

Whether you are a new business owner or an established business owner asking the following questions could propel your profits to new heights:

  1. Who uses your product or service?
  2. What sex is your ideal client?
  3. What age is your ideal customer?
  4. Where does your customer live: urban/rural/both?
  5. Is our client a professional, stay-at-home mom/dad/single?
  6. What keeps our customer awake at night relevant to our product or service?
  7. Is our client conservative, progressive, libertarian?

If we know what influenced our customer at age 3, while in junior high, and high school. Did our client go to college; do they have a graduate-level education, a specialized certification? The bottom line is we need to get into our client’s head as much as we possibly can.

Start With The Who—7 Questions That Can Increase Profits

When copywriting we KNOW the more we understand our client, the more we can THINK like them, the better chance we have of connecting with them to make sales.

Rather than trying to sell to everybody and ending up selling to nobody; we target our marketing to our ideal client.

As a business owner we can save money by directing our marketing ONLY to the customers or clients who we know are willing to pay for our product or service.

If we make that connection we save money AND have the potential to sell more of our product or service.

You should be asking yourself right now, “Keith, how do you get answers to these questions?”

Start With The Who—7 Questions That Can Increase Profits

While there are several market research companies out there that can provide the type of information we need; we can start with a freebie: The U.S. Small Business Administration.

Go to to get some insights and links to get you started asking and answering those 7 questions.

If you already have an established business, how about conducting a survey to get some information on your clients? Putting together an online survey is relatively easy and the answers might just surprise you.

If you haven’t started your business you may want to put together a test website with a survey and “straw man” product or service.

This technique is explained in detail in Timothy Ferris’, The 4-Hour Workweek and I’ll be writing more about this program over the coming weeks.

The goal is to know your ideal client or customer as intimately as possible. By answering the 7 questions above you’ll be moving forward to a business with ideal clients and ideal profits.


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