A Shift in Gears for Empowered Pros

Shift Gears

Shift Gears

After publishing articles three times per week over the past three months, EmpoweredPros.com is shifting gears.

Beginning today we’ll only be publishing one article per week which will debut each Sunday morning.

Why the change?

We’re changing!

The past three months have been an educational period for us. We’ve spent the past three months developing our copywriting skills, web building skills, and marketing skills.

EmpoweredPros.com has been a sounding ground for many of the ideas and techniques we’ve written about and now we’re implementing them in a new business which will debut in the next couple weeks.

We’re excited about a new eCommerce site we’ll be opening that focuses on a single niche in our Amazon FBA business. We’ll also be taking that FBA business to new heights by opening an eCommerce tied to that business but available to non-Amazon shoppers.

To that end we’ve been extremely busy over the last couple weeks, will continue to be busy as we unveil our new baby.

We expect this new minimum viable business will be changing and morphing as we measure, analyze, tweak, and then repeat the cycle. We’ll keep you abreast on the details and hope you’ll learn from our victories and our defeats!

Excuse our dust and watch us grow!

Here’s to your success!

Keith is the resident writer and troublemaker at Empowered Pros.
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