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Dare To Be Respected!


Dare To Be Respected

Dan Kennedy has a saying when it comes to business leaders, “You need to trade being liked, for being respected.” As harsh as that may seem, he’s got a point. The problem with being liked in business is people have a tendency to use you as a door mat.

We’ve all heard that the best way to get respect is to give respect. Up to a point I agree. In theory that’s a great idea. Let’s look at reality.

Michael Masterson in his book, Ready, Fire, Aim points out there are two different types of business people. The ones who need to win at all costs and those who know that winning by walking over people may get you rich, but at the end of the day it doesn’t SUSTAIN business.

If you’re dealing with the “winning at all cost” types, you can respect them all you want, they’ll never respect you…instead, they’ll walk all over you at the first chance. So what’s the answer?

It’s human nature to want to be liked. When you own a business, it’s only natural to want to be liked. We believe being liked means more business. This idea ain’t necessarily so. In business what we’re really looking for is our ideal client or customer.

Respect Is Earned

To earn respect, first we must be professional. I like the example several copywriting coaches I have who talk about how to market your business. Are you the freelance writer/copywriter who goes to a potential essential with client with a sign that reads, “will write for cheap.”?


Are you the freelance writer who establishes herself as a professional willing to work with other professionals? If you’re a professional and expert at what you do, that’s the first step towards establishing respect.

Be Respected As a Business Owner

How do we gain respect as a business owner? First, we respect ourselves. We’re the entrepreneurs, the risk takers, and those brave enough to do things our way. This attitude establishes us as the professionals we are. Second, we demand respect by treating our business as a business. Your time is just as valuable and important as your employees, your customers, and your vendors. Don’t be that entrepreneur who constantly has his phone ON and answers every call 24/7. Respect your family and your personal space. Refer to my earlier article, How to Avoid Brain Drains and Increase Productivity, concerning your productive 20%.

Finally, don’t cheapen yourself or your business by low-balling your service or product fees. If what you have to offer is sound and important, you’ll get more respect by charging a FAIR price as opposed to low-balling.

Remember the golden rule and don’t be a doormat to anyone. Stand up and be respected, be professional in your demeanor and in your business. Believe me, if you’re respected, the right people will like you as well.

Here’s to your success!

Where are your in your business? Are you liked, respected, or both? Comment below and share this article.


Keith is the resident writer and troublemaker at Empowered Pros.
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