The Real Secret of Affiliate Marketing (Part 3)

Welcome back entrepreneurs! In our first two parts of our series we looked at our first scenario and The Real Secret of Affiliate

Does Facebook Make Money

Marketing. Scenario One: You have a product or service to sell but not a lot of folks to market to.

Through Affiliate Marketing partners like ClickBank, Commission Junction and Share-A-Sale you can get access to hundreds of affiliates with hundreds of thousands of prospects and contacts who may be interested in your product or service.

The Real Secret to Affiliate Marketing: Scenario Two

Let’s look at the Second Scenario: You DON’T have a product or service to sell but you would like to monetize your blog site.

What you have is a hobby, or a passion you’d like to share—and hey, if you can make a few dollars from it—why not!

As an example, let’s just say you are over 50 and have lost over 100 lbs in the past year, lowered your cholesterol, blood pressure, and generally made your doctor smile at the great results. Now you’d like to share that information with other folks who were in your predicament.

You start a new blog using WordPress named:

Feeling Great Over 50’s tagline: “How I lost 100 lbs in one year at 51 years old and made my doctor smile”

You find that John Chow, one of the most profitable affiliate marketers on the Internet has a free deal to setup your blog and get you up and running for a nominal fee. It’s worth it to get a professional site up and running in no time.

Now you’ve got your site up and running so it’s time to start sharing your story. Once or twice a week, just tell your story on your site. Don’t worry about SEO, advertising, etc. right away…just write your story. Get some content on your site. Take a few weeks or months to get into the habit of regular posting and comfortable with WordPress.

The Second Secret to Affiliate Marketing

This is the Second Secret to Affiliate Marketing. Make sure you can keep up with the pace…make your mistakes now before a lot of people are watching or following you. Yes, you’ll make mistakes and it’s better to make them now when you have little to few followers than later with thousands…think about it.

Enough of eating our elephant for this week,. Next week we’ll talk about our first steps to growing your audience and making money on your new site.

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