The Real Secret to Affiliate Marketing (Final Chapter)

In last week’s installment we discussed setting up a website using WordPress to just, essentially, talk about your passion. In keeping with our theme of our website, “” we’ve taken the time to write weekly about our journey from 260 lbs of blubber to 185 lbs of health.

Over the weeks we’ve just written about our experiences…our ups…our downs. You’ve written about how you’ve spent years and money trying to get in shape but finally found the secret. Through eating Paleo and Primal with kettle bells and Crossfit exercises people don’t even recognize you.

Building an Affiliate Marketing Following

At this point you will write a short, less than 10-page free e-book explaining your journey (in general terms about how you made your transformation). Just enough information to pique someone’s interest to sign up and get the free eBook.

In the eBook you’ll explain how you read about Paleo Nutrition and Fitness and site the books you read (here’s the secret…each of those books will be hyperlinked to your Amazon Affiliate account). You’ll also site how you’re a fan of Mark Sisson’s and his Primal Blueprint books and Primal Living lifestyle (yep, you’re also a Mark Sisson’s affiliate).

In your eBook you’ll talk about the kettle bell exercises and gurus that helped you get where you wanted…and you guessed it, you’ll be affiliates to those products and services as well.

Add Social Media to Your Affiliate Marketing Repertoire

This is just the beginning. By continuing to write about your experience, Tweet out your articles, link to them on Facebook. You’re providing useful information for anyone interested in losing weight and getting healthy. The sky’s the limit they say so go forth and write, write, write!

Join some affiliate groups and build up your list of people to stay in touch with. Start a newsletter, offer them additional information. Perhaps you could put together a video about the exercises you do and offer it to your readers for a fair price.

Finally, don’t be afraid to learn more about how to write web content and market to your readers…a great place to start is at the American Writers and Artists Institute.

Any thoughts? Please leave a comment and happy Affiliate Marketing!

Keith is the resident writer and troublemaker at Empowered Pros.
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