How Safe is Your Business?

How Safe is Your Business?

As the United States heads into an election this year many small business owners are asking how safe is their business.

How Safe is Your Business?

Government regulations from state, local and federal sources have continued to put a damper on new start-up businesses as well as established businesses.

Regulations contained in the “Affordable Healthcare Act”, sometimes referred to as “Obamacare” seem to target small business owners and force them to pay more than “their fair share”, especially when it comes to paying employees for healthcare. It is somewhat ironic that what started as a way to get around government regulations has become an even greater burden for business owners.

Did you know during the Great Depression, the Roosevelt administration froze all pay raises for employees under the National Reform Act? Employers were not allowed to give employees pay raises; if they did employers could be imprisoned. To keep good employees and help provide for their employees’ families business owners turned to increasing benefits over pay and began providing health insurance as incentives.

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Work from Home

Work from Home

Work from home, is it your dream or is it your nightmare? In today’s economic times with high levels of unemployment,

Work from Home

underemployment and downright frustration maybe you have to work from home.

Friday’s job report of 8.2% unemployment and only 80,000 new jobs added to the US economy once again reminded us of how fragile of an economy we have. Unemployment and frustration in Europe is further proof of hard times for many. Is their any good news?

In a word, yes!

Historically some of the greatest innovations and companies have sprung from poor economies. In fact, today with so many out of work and traditional jobs we are actually seeing a rise in business start ups. Interestingly, however, these start ups are not the traditional brick and mortar businesses we have seen in the past, instead, we are seeing a significant increase in online businesses. The kinds of businesses that allow many to work at home. Read the rest of this entry

5 Keys to Attraction Marketing

5 Keys to Attraction Marketing

Attraction Marketing

Attraction marketing has become pretty much the new standard in online sales. If you’re not familiar with attraction marketing, the be premise is rather than “pushing” your product or service on potential clients or customers, you “attract” those potential customers to you by provide value before attempting a sale.

It seems like common sense; you fulfill a customer need or desire without the sale and later the sale will come because the potential client has been attracted to your honesty, your expertise, and you integrity. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to understand this type of marketing is much more efficient and rewarding than the old “push” marketing. Read the rest of this entry

Stay Laser Focused On Your Business

Stay Laser Focused On Your Business

One of the biggest complaints new business owners have is that of being OVERWHELMED. Online businesses are notorious for

Stay Laser Focused On Your Business

being bombarded by emails, salespeople, offers, you name it. What starts as a business to sell a product on the Internet ends up as an affiliate site, a blog, and a repository for everything BUT what you originally wanted when you start.

Add to the fact that most online business owners know absolutely nothing, nada, zip, zilch about online business; add in not so savory anything goes marketers and not only are you inundated with overwhelming information but losing money at a phenomenal rate chasing the next shiny new object that will have you earning “five figures in 30-days”.

Really? While we’d all like to be there don’t forget to use some good old fashioned common sense. Stay laser focused don’t let smooth talk distract you!

As an online business owner you must absolutely remain laser focused on the  original intent of your business.

By remaining laser focused on your business you will see your business grow at a much faster and steadier pace. Chasing after the newest latest and greatest idea only leads to frustration.

That being said, however, business owners must also stay abreast of new and emerging technologies, ideas, etc. that may become the next Facebook or Google. Every new or innovative idea needs to be measured against your original ideas, business plan, or business model. More importantly, you need to ask yourself, “Does this new idea increase customer satisfaction and/or increase profits? Does this new idea create, in Robert Kiyosaki’s Rich Dad Poor Dad model, an asset or liability for your business?

Learning about your business, learning to build your business, and yourself are worthwhile and necessary for online business. Remember to eat the elephant one bite at a time, however, and don’t try to learn everything at once.

Some of the best advice I’ve ever received when it comes to learning was to read only one book at a time. That’s a thank you to Timothy Ferriss by-the-way. My library is FILLED with hundreds (300 plus at last count from a yard sale we had several weeks ago) of books at least half dedicated to building business, personal improvement, and motivation. If I had not remained laser focused on where I want my business to go…I would have been overwhelmed. If I had tried to read several different non-fiction books at once…I would have been overwhelmed.

Again, by staying laser focused on your business’ original intent will help you from becoming overwhelmed.

Staying laser focused on your business helps if you have goals. If you started your business and wrote down business goals—BONUS! Goals will help you stay on track and give you a sounding board to use for evaluating potential new projects.

Finally, one of the greatest things about cyberspace is the free and uncensored information available to anyone willing to look. One of the WORST things about cyberspace is not only the overwhelming amount of information but the lack of credible review. Let the buyer beware!

Do your homework, remain laser focused on your business and its goals and I’ll see you on the beaches of the world!



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Before You Get Started In An Online Business

Before You Get Started In An Online Business

If you have dreams of world travel, time with family, or days fishing on lazy rivers then you have probably considered starting an

online business to give you the freedom and money you want to turn those

Before You Get Started

dreams into reality.

Starting an online business can be easy and inexpensive. Starting an online business can also be complicated and expensive.

Here are five MUST DO items you should do before you get started and before spending a nickel on a startup:

  1. Find a market. This is sometimes referred to as defining your niche and is your all-important first step. Taking the time to define what areas you understand and are interested in before you get started will help narrow the market you will target. Trying to market to everyone on the Internet is not possible and will only lead to frustration Think about what you know, what are your interests, who do you know and hang around with? Are you in to fitness, making money online? Do you have a deep understanding of a particular software application? Are you an expert at antique airplanes or antique coins? Read the rest of this entry

It’s All About You

It’s All About You

It's All About You

In Chris Guillebeau’s recently released book, The $100 Startup, he explains that the most successful business owners he interviewed for his book had two key themes.

1. They were looking for freedom.

2. Giving value was the way to achieve their freedom. 

Giving value makes this blog site all about you.

Most people who write blogs do so to share their experiences, likes, dislikes, etc. with others. Blogs are generally personal journals written by millions of people with something to say and wishing to be heard.

The majority of blogs are a one-way street. The blogger writes, the reader reads, and perhaps if the reader adamantly agrees or disagrees they will post a comment.

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Memorial Day

Memorial Day

“Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.” John 15:13

Memorial Day 2012

A heartfelt thank you to the families and friends of those who paid the ultimate sacrifice for freedom. May their memories remain in your hearts and the hearts of a grateful nation, forever.

The family

Make Money Online

Make Money Online

I watched an interesting webinar the other day by Jay Kubassek of ProU that brought up some interesting points I thought I’d share with you today.

It seems that in the past couple of years more and more

Make Money Online

people are searching Google to find out how to make money online. In fact, he pointed to a 400% increase in searches in the past two years!

Four trends since the beginning of the 2008 recession have caused many former employees, small business owners, and even business executives to look at how to make money online.

Is it any wonder?

Trend number 1: Underemployment. Not only are people unemployed but many more are UNDEREMPLOYED. How many of you are currently working for less than you were five or six years ago…please leave a comment if you are!

Trend number 2: Online advertising has EXPLODED over the past few years AND more-and-more people are comfortable searching online for items including how to make money online.

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Top 10 Books for Entrepreneurs

Top 10 Books for Entrepreneurs

Top 10 Books for Entrepreneurs

Whether you are starting a business or have a business in need of a rebirth good advice   from experts can improve your chances of success.

Good advice, however, doesn’t come cheap, nor should it for that matter. If you, like most aspiring entrepreneurs or small business owners and are on a limited budget paying for that advice can be a bit of a problem.

Fortunately we CAN get quality advice from experts who can help us build our new or evolving businesses. The great thing about these experts is that you don’t have to set an appointment, be on their schedule, or pay hourly fees; instead they can work around you. These experts come to your house, your business, your car, or frankly pretty much wherever you feel is convenient.

These experts in the form of books, whether traditional or audio books, give you the opportunity to get expert advice, when you want it, how you want it, and at an amazingly low price.

What top 10 books would I recommend for you if you are starting a business, thinking about starting a business, or attempting to jump Read the rest of this entry

How To Lose Money Online

Lose Money Online?—Here’s How

An Easy Way to Lose Money Online

I was at a craft brewery recently while on an out-of-town trip. Located in a small town in the American Northwest, we were told they keep odd hours and may not be open if we dropped by. Since it was a beautiful Saturday afternoon we decided, what the heck, and went for it.

The brewery/restaurant was a converted home, off the main drag but easy to find and best of all, it was open. A couple of patrons were out front enjoying the sunshine and libation. From the outside the place didn’t look all that busy.

Inside we found a nice ambiance, it reminded me of an English pub (I spent five years in England sampling the local ales while in the Air Force so consider myself somewhat of an expert). The staff was pleasant and helpful but most of all the beer was EXCELLENT. Read the rest of this entry

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