How to Avoid Brain Drains and Increase Productivity

How to Avoid Brain Drains and Increase Productivity

How to Avoid Brain Drain

How to Avoid Brain Drains

One of the biggest challenges to any business professional is to keep your head in the game, as they say in sports. Distractions such as television, family, coworkers, employees, etc. have a MAJOR impact on our ability to perform at our peak. Distractions—or brain drains, whatever the source, can drain our brains of valuable creative abilities and impact our business.

Here are 5 rules to follow to avoid brain drains.

1. Workplace Brain Drains. How’s your work environment? Is your office space or desk space cluttered or clean? Is it organized or haphazard? Studies show an organized workspace helps eliminate distractions and make the creative juices flow. Look around your office; is it uplifting and a reflection of you? If so, great! If not, take some time and get your space to the point it reflects your inner self and eliminate that first brain drain. Read the rest of this entry

Sales Versus Marketing

Sales Versus Marketing

Sales & Marketing business signpost

Sales Vs Marketing

I have to admit, I’m a groupie for Jim Koch, founder of Boston Beer Company; makers of Samuel Adams Beer.

I’m an admirer not only from a business standpoint—taking a beer recipe to billionaire in thirty years. But…I also have to admit as a beer drinker I like his beer and his way of doing business.

In an article by Drake Baer on Business Insider, Koch tells Baer Boston Beer built their business on sales, PERIOD. They didn’t hire a marketing person until after they were in business for 10 years. You’ll find the full article HERE Read the rest of this entry

10 Steps To Becoming a Better Writing

10 Steps to Becoming a Better Writer
Thanks to Brian Clark at

10 Steps to Becoming a Better Writer
Like this infographic? Get more content marketing tips from Copyblogger.

Thanksgiving Wishes

Thanksgiving Wishes


Photo Courtesy of the Rhino Den at!

The trooper looks out over the HESCO barriers and barbed wire—it’s a view you’d have to see to believe. The road winds its way along the valley floor next to the dry wadi. No dust on the road means no cars or trucks…maybe a few hours of piece.

He takes in a deep breath and sighs, the smell of dust and sewage is thick in the air. Although its late November the sun still burns during the day and nights are bitterly cold; it’s like a light switch going from hot to freezing after sunset.

His stomach growls, a bit louder than the last one, the hunger pangs of a young man far from home and the empty place in his heart so far from family. Time to eat and reflect on home.

All across the world young men and women will spend this Thanksgiving at remote outposts.

At a time we celebrate and give thanks to whatever deity we may worship—or not; at a time when we are surrounded by family and friends, please take a moment when you say your Thanksgiving Day prayers and give thanks for those young men and women on freedom’s frontier. Read the rest of this entry

4 Secrets to Increase Your Productivity

4 Secrets to Increase Your Productivity

“It seems like the more I do, the less I get done.”

Do those words sound familiar? If so, incorporate the 4 secrets I’ll share with you today and that phrase will be a thing of the past.

Setting the Stage to Increase Your productivity

As a business owner or entrepreneur you are the chief visionary of your business(s). Any activity you do on a day-to-day basis that takes away from steering the course for your company is wasted energy.

The Pareto Principle


The Pareto Principle

Probably better known as the 80/20 rule, the Pareto principle, or law, states that essentially for any activity, 80% of success is accomplished by 20% of the effort and therefore 80% of effort only accomplishes 20% of success.

For example, 80% of the sales in your company is a result of 20% of the activity. Put another way, 20% of your sales staff is producing 80% of your sales while the other 80% of your staff is only producing 20% of sales.

The same holds true for you, the visionary of your company.

As Lee Milteer, success author and coach points out; on a daily basis that 20% equates to approximately 96 minutes of PRODUCTIVE time. Think about that; just an hour and a half of time to get your most productive time. Read the rest of this entry

Working With Weebly

Working with Weebly

Working with Weebly

Working with Weebly

Weebly is a web hosting service with embedded drag-and-drop web building software which makes it easy to put your thoughts into a viable website.

If you’re starting a business or interested in testing an idea online then might be for you. In less than 30 minutes I put together a free website as a test of Weebly’s functionality. See

Like WordPress, Weebly allows you to test a website, its look, its “feel”, and tweak the site before you’re ready to invest in greater functionality.

WordPress Versus Weebly

Where and are focused on building blogs, Weebly is focused on building websites…but you can add a blog with Weebly if you’d like. Read the rest of this entry

Empowered Pros Guest Post

Today I’d like to share a great post from Clayton Makepeace a 42-year veteran of copywriting. A shout out to AWAI’s Golden Thread Newsletter for allowing us to republish this great article.

Are These Three Marketing Sea Changes Killing Your Response?

By Clayton Makepeace

  • Why your marketing model is failing you …
  • Why your sales copy is losing its effectiveness …
  • Why everything you think you know about attracting new customers and selling to existing customers is quickly becoming obsolete …
  • And, what you must do NOW to create explosive response in the mail and on the Web …

I’m so old, I’ll betcha my tie has gone in and out of style at least five times.

Not that I pay much attention to such things, mind you.

Read the rest of this entry

9 Dale Carnegie Secrets to Build Clients

9 Dale Carnegie Secrets to Build Clients


Dale Carnegie

It wasn’t too long ago I worked for a Dale Carnegie franchisee. I’d taken the Dale Carnegie Course just after retiring from the Air Force and was asked to work with the local franchisee. I learned a lot from working with the Dale Carnegie organization and I’d like to share a bit with you.

Dale Carnegie began his career developing and teaching his famous Dale Carnegie Course in Effective Public Speaking and Human Relations. Years later he became world famous after writing one of the original “self-help” books, How To Win Friends and Influence People.

Many of his rules apply to developing good relations with other which, of course, is our goal in life and in business.

Here are 9 Dale Carnegie Secrets to Build Clients:

Read the rest of this entry

Customer Value—It Goes Both Ways

Customer Value—It Goes Both Ways

NOBSWhether you know it or not, MOST marketing online is direct marketing. Yep, direct marketing—the same direct marketing that shows up in your mailbox, or shows up in your magazines with long letters explaining why you should buy this product or that service.

Now before you turn up your nose and raise the BS flag stick with me for a minute.

While most of us think of direct mail as the “junk” in our mailbox, in reality its roots are in scientific marketing. Marketing directed at specific consumers, marketing tested for efficiency and—now don’t fall out of your chair—marketing based upon maintaining a long-term relationship between the marketer and the consumer.

With its roots in the 19th century catalog industry, direct marketing had always been somewhat of a stepchild in advertising and marketing circles.


Opt-in forms, sales funnels, email campaigns are ALL forms of direct marketing
only in a new media—the Internet.

Read the rest of this entry

Working with WordPress

Working with WordPress




What I’d like to explore today is a FAIRLY easy system that can get you up and running a blog in no time for little or NO cash—WordPress.

First, what is WordPress?

WordPress is an open source (free) software tool specifically designed for blogging. It essentially provides a template system that allows users to install and change themes that give the look and feel to the blog.

A system of plugins allow users to add over 30,000 features to their blogs.

WordPress comes in two varieties: and

What’s the difference? Glad you asked! Read the rest of this entry

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