Make Money Online

Make Money Online

If you do a Google search about making money online, you can be overwhelmed with the number of money-making ideas on the Internet. Everything from making money fast, making money easy, how to make money, XX numbers of making money online…well, you get the picture.

The question boils down to simply, if money can be made online then HOW does one make money online? That, as they say, is in fact the million-dollar question.

Today we look at online blogging to make money online

Blogging is one of the simplest, least-costly, and perhaps easiest ways to begin making money online.

Let’s break down a couple elements of what making money with a blog will consist of. This isn’t, by-the-way an all-inclusive list just one that will hopefully get you thinking and perhaps motivated to start writing. Read the rest of this entry

Welcome Aboard the Freedom Train!

As this is my introductory blog I wanted to post a theme that will prevail throughout our time together. As you will read in the “About” page, I believe that what it will take to restore this nation and this world to greatness is one that respects individual thought, individual achievement, and individual liberty. To that end I am here to encourage entrepreneurship in all legal guises. Whether it is as a franchisee, a network marketer, an independent contractor, small business owner, or the dreamer who changes dreams into goals through action and thus changes the world. I truly believe it is the entrepreneur, the business owner, the capitalist (say it, it’s not really a dirty word) who feeds and clothes a hungry, naked world. Over the coming years I will look at businesses and business opportunities. We will spend time chatting about business, finances, investing, politics, regulations, leaders and leadership. We will talk about the two guarantees in life; death and taxes. I encourage my readers to make this a two-way street. It should be a forum of ideas. We can agree, disagree, or agree to disagree. I only ask that we remain civil with one another and that we conduct ourselves as what our grandparents would have called gentlemen and gentlewomen. kgs Read the rest of this entry

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