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How NOT to Market Your Business

How Not to Market Your Business

How Not to Market Your Business

Does this sound familiar? You opt-in to a website in order to receive a free report, white paper, booklet, etc. Per the instructions, you confirm your opt-information and are directed to a link or soon thereafter receive another email with the lead magnet you wanted.

Smart marketers use lead magnets as a way to get your name and email address; and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with this as long as you receive the item or items you’ve requested!

Let’s face it, if I can get free information for providing a name and email address, why not. If I don’t care for the information I receive I can always (1) unsubscribe to the sender and/or (2) blacklist the sender’s email address. Lead magnets are a legitimate way for you the consumer to be introduced to a new provider.

If you make the decision to not opt out and the next day you’re email is inundated with a million emails selling you this that or the other thing from the provider, you’ll probably change your mind.

That’s NOT the way to market a business

If you’ve been in business in the past few years you’ve undoubtedly heard of content marketing and email campaigns. I’m betting you’ve sat through a “free” webinar that explained content marketing and how to increase sales and profits by introducing an email campaign.

You like thousands of others attend these seminars, get all the free information, then go out and completely buffoon their way through content and email marketing campaigns.

Marketing just isn’t that simple. We can’t sit through a 90 minute webinar and right away become experts at what has taken true experts years to learn.

What’s the right way to market your business?

If you plan on building your online presence, and you should, it helps to find an expert or two to help you along. There are plenty of good copywriters who not only are familiar with content marketing and email campaigns, they specialize in them. Most importantly, they have the portfolios to prove it.

Building your online content and marketing through email should be part of an overall strategy. There’s a big difference between a strategy and a campaign.

Strategies’ set the overall goals and objectives of your marketing. In World War II the allies had separate strategies in the Pacific and Europe to win the war. Part of those strategies included multiple campaigns; and so it is with marketing.

Again, a good copywriter/consultant can help you define the marketing strategy for your business. Once your strategy is defined your copywriter can develop the proper campaigns to achieve your strategy.

Getting back to our example of being inundated by emails. A good copywriter will use emails as one of the Customer Value Optimization steps known as “Return Path” in order to stay in touch leads and customers. Every email WON’T be a sales pitch.

Think about it, don’t you hate that cousin who only calls or comes by when he needs a few bucks? Well, guess what, it’s the same with marketing. If every blog post or newsletter you send out reeks of sales pitch, pretty soon your clients or prospects will be executing (1) and/or (2) above.

Great marketing is transparent to your customers and clients. If you’re not an expert at content marketing and email campaigns you’d be well off seeking a trained pro. Oh, and remember, you get what you pay for in life; keep that in mind when you decide to hire a copywriter.

Here’s to your success!

Are you guilty? Has every email you sent been a sales pitch? What do you think?

Keith is the resident writer and troublemaker at Empowered Pros.
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