MyLeadSystemPro Review

MyLeadSystemPro Review

MyLeadSystemPro Review


MyLeadSystemPro has been taking the Internet by storm since 2008. One of the first companies dedicated to educating mulit-level marketers in the intricacies of the World Wide Web; in four short years the company has produced hundreds of successful entrepreneurs and spawned at least one other major company dedicated to helping network marketers move from traditional MLM to online marketing.

Tapping the resources of some of the most successful MLM producers and successful Internet entrepreneurs, MLSP brings tried and tested methods of 20th century multi-level marketing into the high-tech, social media-centered 21st century.

Before the Internet came along network marketers were limited in their abilities to prospect. In the 20th century the rule of thumb in the MLM community was to prospect to anyone within arm’s reach. If someone held still long enough you’d approach them, get a business card and put them on their list.

Marketers spent their time handing out business cards, making phone calls, cold calling, etc. all designed to build a list and determine interest in their opportunity. These methods worked but were limited by geography. It was nearly impossible for a new marketer to reach out beyond their own hometowns or anywhere outside of a night’s drive to prospect for members.

The Internet, aka the World Wide Web, now gives network marketers the ability to reach out and touch people interested in opportunities literally around the world.

So the Internet has changed how network marketers build their
businesses, right?

Not really. Today over 90% of network marketers STILL use traditional lead-generating methods. About 5% of traditional network marketers are using methods that are both traditional and online-based and about 3% of people in the industry are using exclusively online methods.

MyLeadSystemPro Review


With that number of multi-level marketers still working traditional methods MyLeadSystemPro is in a great position to help marketers crossover into
modern methods.

MyLeadSystemPro provides members with a total system for the new online marketer designed to help them build their Primary Businesses using the latest and greatest marketing methods.

The adventure begins with a new member orientation, beginner training and system setup. The company uses high-quality video and webinar training to not only train the new member, MLSP makes some of the web pages as professional “squeeze pages” designed to connect leads with members.

Click BELOW for an example of MLSP-provided  lead information page

MyLeadSystemPro Review

Free Webinar

MyLeadSystemPro members then build rapport with system-provided e-mails that give valuable information to prospects via free webinars and videos.

After completing basic training and system setup the new member begins Marketing Bootcamp and then goes on to advanced courses.

Members are introduced to affiliate programs (a major component of online blogging and non-product websites).

All-in-all MLSP has a well-designed program to get members up and running AND PROFITABLE quickly.

 MyLeadSystemPro doesn’t stop there, however; support includes weekly training webinars and call-ins. A VAST collection of archived of how-to videos and webinars. As a bonus, online coaching sessions have recently been added to the members’ toolbox.

OK, it all sounds good, so what’s the DOWN SIDE of the

Lot’s of up-selling in the beginning of the sign-up process can be a bit confusing or frustrating to a new member. Make sure you read the information carefully and always keep in mind MyLeadSystemPro is a tool to help your business.

As in all businesses if you want to get rich quick either marry Paris Hilton or win a Mega-Millions lottery. MyLeadSystemPro has produced a number of successful businesses and I believe you can build a successful business with the help of MLSP.

MyLeadSystemPro Review

My Opinion

I believe MLSP is a great way to get started in online marketing. The information and system are top-notch and MLSP is a great tool for anyone looking to build a bigger primary business, revitalize a primary business, or supplement their primary business and move into the 21st century.

Study, set your goals, and get to work. Remember, there is no try, only do or do not. Follow the system, listen to the experts, and JUST DO IT!

Click on the MLSP banner above NOW if you’re ready to learn more about MyLeadSystemPro and how it can help you take your business to the next level.

Keith is the resident writer and troublemaker at Empowered Pros.
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