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My How Things Have Changed—A New Old Perspective

It’s been over twelve years since I joined one of the largest multilevel marketing companies and my how things have changed. I’m sure most of you are thinking that the addition of technology is what I’m driving at and in fact you are PARTIALLY correct. Let me explain.

Twelve years ago I got a call from an acquaintance asking, “Hey Keith, do you keep your options open, are you looking to earn some extra money?”


My How Things Have Changedsome extra money?"

Sound familiar to anyone? I’m sure it does and to many of us associated with network marketing this was our introduction. From there the path was probably pretty much the same; you go to a meeting, see the marketing plan, get a “prospect kit” and go home with your head filled with circles, money, and dreams.

A day or two later you got a call from your soon-to-be sponsor or your sponsor’s sponsor, had your questions answered and then made your decision. The next step was filling out your list, start talking to all your friends and family, anyone who’d hold still long enough and HOPE you’d find someone else excited about selling vitamins or soap from home.

Years ago we joined our MLM HOPING to get rich quick! We were going to sponsor hundreds of excited friends and family and develop a RESIDUAL income that would buy us mansions, Lamborghini’s, airplanes and yachts.

My How Things Have Changed…I HOPE!

If you got into the network marketing business with a lottery mentality, “Man, I’m going to hit it rich with a $1 ticket,” you are in for a RUDE awakening. Here’s a wet towel to the face…network marketing, MLM, etc. is based upon YOU building a business. Businesses don’t go from zero to hero overnight, my friends. Building a successful business takes planning, work, investment and….are you ready for it? TIME!

Today’s BIG MLM leaders know that and over the past few years have added exciting changes to those old perspectives.

The first change is from the “get-rich-quick” lottery mentality to the “building a solid business takes time mentality”. What a breath of fresh air.

Leaders back in the “old” days knew that 99% of new MLMers were NOT business owners. They understood that since these new business owners weren’t entrepreneurs to begin with, had no business savvy, not business sense they had to be taught not only how to build a business but also how to go from EMPLOYEE to BUSINESS LEADER.

Even back then these leaders knew education was the key to moving new distributors from the old mindset of employee to the new mindset of business owner.  To “help” their downline what did they do? They provided them with books, tapes, and events all geared to educating them and HOPEFULLY turning them into leaders who would in turn find and train new leaders. The idea was right but had a major flaw.

All those books, tapes, and events cost money for the new distributor. Right away after building their business they were asked to spend money; and since building a business takes time, chances are they spent hundreds if not thousands of dollars on training and probably didn’t make a nickle. They certainly didn’t make money on selling education.

Back then 99% of new distributors didn’t make it past the first year. Why would they, they’d lost money trying to recruit, get educated, and supposedly build a business.

My How Things Have Changed—Earn While You Learn

Today’s leaders, in my opinion, are much smarter their their predecessors. Today, rather than pocket ALL the money from the sales of books, CDs, webinars, etc. we can AFFILIATE!

Today we use affiliate marketing to help us defer the cost of recruiting, education, and business building by purchasing education materials then marketing those same materials to our downlines or prospects.

I can’t imagine how my business would have changed twelve years ago if I’d have seen a portion of the profits from all of the books, tapes, and events I sold to my downline back then. It certainly would have kept my business in the black instead of
the RED.


In The Money

We’ve heard that most of us are adverse to change. I contend that change can be good and today the changes we see in network marketing have changed for the good.

If you are building and marketing your business the “old” way maybe it’s time for a wake up call. If you are building your business the new way go thank your upline for introducing you to a system that is designed to help you be successful. I hope you are part of the latter and not the former business.

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Keith is the resident writer and troublemaker at Empowered Pros.
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