The Martini

This Sunday, I decided to write a bit of a non-sequitur when it comes to eCommerce.

Today we talk about the martini. Yes, that icon of American business…a tantalizing combination of vermouth and vodka or gin.

The Martini

The Martini

Admired by some, reviled and repulsed by others; the martini has been a symbol of business for years.
After the Second World War as former soldiers, sailors, and marines migrated into the workforce, it wasn’t uncommon for the white collar workers to partake in the “three martini” lunch.

Remember how one of the greatest heroes of the cold war, secret agent James Bond took his martinis, “…shaken, not stirred, so as not to bruise the vodka.”

What does a Martini have to do with eCommerce?

Not so much for the drinking pleasure but the symbolism of the martini. One who works at a brick-and-mortar or conventional job can easily understand that after a long day at work, it’s nice to relax with a martini. In fact, there are still a few progressive employers out there who don’t mind their workers enjoying the “three martini lunch”. As long as they aren’t three sheets to the wind upon their return to work.

But as a stay-at-home, work-from-home, self-employed eCommerce business owner what are we to do. My word to you is…CAUTION.

But it’s just one or two martinis…or three or four…

So, you’ve worked all morning on your latest email for your Listwire auto responder. You’ve tweaked on your website to speed up your pass-through rates and it’s getting close to lunch time. How easy it is to walk out of your home office, into your kitchen or dining room and make yourself a martini for lunch.

After a couple of martinis and lunch, you’re back in the office and…wow that martini was good, You’ll go make a another, and another, and after a while you’ve got a pretty good buzz and work’s just flowing along.

That is until the next morning when the email you sent out comes back with irate comments for the incorrect invoices, lost orders, and all the other things you missed because you had a “good buzz”.

Now, I’m no prude, and I’m no teetotaler either. I’m an old fighter pilot that enjoys a good stiff drink now and then. I’m not telling you how to live your life—no, all I’m doing is cautioning you as an online business owner to wait until your work is complete and you’re out of the office for good before you decide to celebrate that new account or sale. Trust me, you’ll be glad you did.

And that’s all I really want to say about this subject. Do you agree or disagree with my philosophy?

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