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I watched an interesting webinar the other day by Jay Kubassek of ProU that brought up some interesting points I thought I’d share with you today.

It seems that in the past couple of years more and more

Make Money Online

people are searching Google to find out how to make money online. In fact, he pointed to a 400% increase in searches in the past two years!

Four trends since the beginning of the 2008 recession have caused many former employees, small business owners, and even business executives to look at how to make money online.

Is it any wonder?

Trend number 1: Underemployment. Not only are people unemployed but many more are UNDEREMPLOYED. How many of you are currently working for less than you were five or six years ago…please leave a comment if you are!

Trend number 2: Online advertising has EXPLODED over the past few years AND more-and-more people are comfortable searching online for items including how to make money online.

Trend number 3: INSANE out-of-control government debt. Not only government debt but loss of faith in government, big business, big banks, Wall Street, etc. Those of us who have been expecting some type of government entitlement (Social Security, Medicare) are beginning to understand those programs probably won’t be around much longer at the current rate of deficit spending.

Trend number 4: Baby boomers are retiring at a HUGE rate; many of whom that were relying on pensions, Social Security, etc. are now realizing they aren’t very well suited to current job markets although they will probably need to work much longer than they had anticipated.

Is it any wonder people are interested in how to make money online?

With all the insanely bad news about the economy, Jay Kubassek points out some GREAT NEWS! Recessions create millionaires! Historically more millionaires and successful businesses are started in BAD economies than in good economies. When men and women of vision are against the wall (lost job, retirement, etc.) they tend to start new businesses and with no where else to go…they succeed!

Is it any wonder then that many are looking to make money online today? As I have mentioned in earlier blog posts, the Internet IS the new Klondike! The Internet is were the Gold Rush is taking place!

As Jay puts it, “This is the Age of the Entrepreneur”!

Interestingly, Jay also points out that while ways to make money online (online businesses) have grown; traditional businesses are declining.

Online businesses, or “businesses in a box”, like affiliate marketing, network marketing, and multi-level marketing are the kinds of businesses drawing the new breed of entrepreneur looking to make money online.

Ready-made systems that provide mentoring are key to those seeking to overcome the negative trends of this recession and take advantage of the Mega-Trend of online entrepreneurship.

Do you want to make money online?

If so, I would suggest watching Jay Kubassek’s webinar. Get more detail on the four trends that are driving people like you to look at an online business.

Go watch Jay’s webinar and see how you can profit from this “Age of the Entrepreneur” and make money online. CLICK HERE

See you on the beaches of the world!


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