It’s All About You

It's All About You

In Chris Guillebeau’s recently released book, The $100 Startup, he explains that the most successful business owners he interviewed for his book had two key themes.

1. They were looking for freedom.

2. Giving value was the way to achieve their freedom. 

Giving value makes this blog site all about you.

Most people who write blogs do so to share their experiences, likes, dislikes, etc. with others. Blogs are generally personal journals written by millions of people with something to say and wishing to be heard.

The majority of blogs are a one-way street. The blogger writes, the reader reads, and perhaps if the reader adamantly agrees or disagrees they will post a comment.

That isn’t what this blog is about. Instead, It’s all about you.

I started this blog with idea of providing you, my reader, with FRESH, ORIGINAL ideas to solve your online marketing problems/challenges. From the beginning I have felt it’s all about giving you value.

I know that starting a business, especially a business where you have invested a large sum of money, time, hopes, and dreams, can be a scary, exciting, confusing, and daunting time.

Over my years in business and investing I have learned that one of my greatest assets was having mentors, people I knew and trusted, who could help me navigate the uncharted waters of my new endeavor. Mentors understand that giving value to others perpetuates them. In a mentorship relations ship the mentor knows passing along what they’ve learned means making it all about you.

 The first and probably the hardest question we ask ourselves when we contemplate going into business is…SHOULD I? Am I suited to be a business owner? Having a business mentor or someone to help turn these questions around and make them not about business but all about you can be worth hundreds if not thousands of dollars to someone contemplating starting their own business.

Am I suited for a business and if so, should it be a conventional business? Conventional as in a brick-and-mortar business or an online business?

Should I choose a franchise? What about a network marketing business?

What business entity should I choose for my business…does it matter?

What name should I choose for my business…does it matter?

Should I advertise online? Should I advertise offline? Should I do both?

What about a website? Do I need a website? What about a blog?

Hundreds of questions with perhaps thousands of answers. Who can help you with these questions? How about the Small Business Administration? It might be a good place to start, don’t you think?

Naturally we are, and should be, skeptical of so-called “gurus”. You-know-who’s with the flashy websites, killer ads, professional videos and funnel pages ABOUND on the Internet. How do you as a newbie separate the wheat from the chaff? How are you going to know whether what they are selling is all about them or all about you?

Let’s face it, all of these guys and gals are willing to give you advice…for a price. Sure it starts out with a free ebook, or webinar, or video…but the next thing you know you’re being asked to sign up for a FREE $500 package, just pay us $29,99 shipping and handling for a downloadable program and we’ll have you make a STRONG 5-figure monthly income in less than 90 days! Oh and if you don’t like the package or it doesn’t work for you you can return it for a FREE NO QUESTIONS ASKED REFUND within 30 days…I never did like that kind of math…especially with fitness programs. But I digress.

The point is, starting a business is a MAJOR decision. It should NOT be taken lightly nor should you EVER feel pressured to “get in now because in three days the cost of this package will go up 1000%”.

If those are the types of business you have been looking at…STOP!

Take a breath and walk away for a while. Come back online and do some research. Find a business coach or blogger, me included, you can bounce questions off of.

You can always send us an email or add a comment after a post like, “Hey, have you guys at EmpoweredPros ever heard of The World’s Quickest and Easiest Way to Make a Billion Dollars in 30 Days? Does it work?” We might not have the answer right away but one or more of our readers just might…how about this…how about if we take the time to do some research for you?

Did I mention that this website was all about you?

Just like our review of the Commission Breakthrough which, by the way, is no longer offered on Clickbank…we will give you our a no BS review of what we think. Let US spend the money (we are a business and it is a write off…and besides we DO get our money back or my partner will bust my chops).

As I mentioned before…when it comes to this website…it’s all about you.

Empowered Pros is dedicated to your success. These aren’t just words, it is our creed, what we live by. We are dedicated to making this blog all about you!

Let us know if you have questions, please comment, and take a moment and like us on Facebook.

See you on the beaches of the world!


Keith is the resident writer and troublemaker at Empowered Pros.
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