Interesting and Relevant—Does That Describe Your Content Marketing?

Interesting and Relevant?

Interesting and Relevant?

You want to build your business by adding interesting content to your website. You’ve read several articles about how today’s markets are driven by “content marketing”.

So what is content marketing how do I get started?

Unfortunately, when most business owners think of content marketing they think it is nothing more than an email campaign. NOT SO, it can, and should, be much more.

The premise of content marketing is that by providing interesting and relevant information to interested people you are developing future clients or customers.

Interesting and relevant are important if your content marketing campaign is to be successful. In a world bombarded by copious amounts of information people pick and choose what they read or watch quickly. If you can’t catch your prospective audience immediately, you are wasting your time.

What’s interesting? Look at what’s going viral on Twitter or YouTube. People today want to be entertained. We don’t surf the net to read BORING…boring, the biggest mistake a marketer can make.

Of course what’s interesting will be relevant to your audience as well. If, for example, you’re a company that specializes in Citizen Band radios, you probably won’t have articles and information about blenders and other small appliances.

Once you’ve decided what is interesting and what is relevant to your business you’ll need to decide HOW you’ll present your information.

Right Channel Radios—Catalog Content

At for example you’ll find pages dedicated to everything from radios to antennas to mounts. A simple applet allows you to make recommendations for trucks or 4x4s.

You’ll also find a learning center where you can get a number of questions answered. You can find interesting information if you’re looking for a CB radio and relevant to your needs.

This type of site is essentially a catalog of information.

American Writers and Artists—Permission Marketing

If you’re interested in learning how to become a travel writer or copywriter AWAI’s website offers a bit more when it comes to content marketing.

At AWAI’s site you’ll find tons of information aimed at aspiring writers. You can also sign up for a free newsletter that provides…are you ready…interesting and relevant articles about become a writer.

Again, we see interesting and relevant information SENT to those ASKING for that type of information.

This type of site provides catalog as well as permission-based information. By asking your permission, please give us your name and email address, you’ve agreed to receive information about AWAI’s products.

Other websites will provide newsletters for anything from how-to stuff animals to restoring automobiles.

Content Marketing with Blogs—The Coffee Detective

Many blogs are set up this way. By providing readers information about specific areas of interest a loyal following may be developed. Over time, with the right methods, these blog sites can monetize (pay for) themselves.

A good example is This site provides information to coffee aficionados about everything coffee. Everything from types of coffee beans, roasting methods, and proper grinding for the proper brew can be found on Nick Usborne’s website.

Nick’s site is a cornucopia of information and on occasion he gives tips on where to purchase items at discount or at a good value. Needless to say, by “clicking” his links he makes a small and well-deserved commission on some of his recommendations. Everything interesting and relevant to coffee and it makes money, too!

As one can see, content marketing comes in several shapes and forms. It is not just flooding inboxes with emails but can and should be a sophisticated marketing approach for all businesses.

More Information on Content Marketing

For more comprehensive information on content marketing look go to: or

Here’s to your success!



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