Lose Money Online?—Here’s How

An Easy Way to Lose Money Online

I was at a craft brewery recently while on an out-of-town trip. Located in a small town in the American Northwest, we were told they keep odd hours and may not be open if we dropped by. Since it was a beautiful Saturday afternoon we decided, what the heck, and went for it.

The brewery/restaurant was a converted home, off the main drag but easy to find and best of all, it was open. A couple of patrons were out front enjoying the sunshine and libation. From the outside the place didn’t look all that busy.

Inside we found a nice ambiance, it reminded me of an English pub (I spent five years in England sampling the local ales while in the Air Force so consider myself somewhat of an expert). The staff was pleasant and helpful but most of all the beer was EXCELLENT.

As we sat and enjoyed the delicious craft beer a customer came from the patio out back, which was quite packed, and asked about purchasing a souvenir T-shirt. The brewery had a small display across from the bar of T-shirts and a sweatshirt. The customer was informed they were out of her size to which she then asked whether they had a website she could go to at a later date. She was an out-of-town visitor who was there for a weekend of river rafting.

I was horrified, yes horrified, to hear this small brewery had no website, web store, or even a Facebook page to sell souvenirs!

Do you want to know an easy way to lose money online? DON’T BE ONLINE!

How in this day and age a business could lose money online by not having an online presence is phenomenal to say the least. And if you think T-shirts aren’t worth the time and trouble to sell; think about the last time you saw someone wearing a Harley-Davidson T-shirt. Harley isn’t just about the motorcycles.

All this company needed was a simple AND FREE Facebook business page and they could easily  display their souvenir shirts and sweatshirts. In fact a Facebook page with directions to the brewery, customer LIKES, customer comments, etc. would easily help them not to lose money online. Based in a tourist town with return and unique visitors the brewery would surely increase revenues.

Another simple way for the brewery not to lose money online is to simply start a blog and take orders through the blog. What brewer doesn’t like talking about beer and all things beer? A blog is a low-cost way to offer souvenirs to out-of-town clients or those clients who were in town but the shirt wasn’t available while they were visiting.

It’s possible that with once the company built their Facebook order system demand for the souvenirs would require a more in-depth method of product ordering, payment, and shipping. Scalability is a great way to not lose money online so our company could scale up by partnering with Yahoo Merchant Small Business.

Yahoo charges a monthly fee to design a store, accept online payments, process and ship orders, use Yahoo to drive more business to your merchant site, and probably best of all; measurement tools to help our up-and-coming brewery keep track where the sales are coming from and what is working as far as advertising.

As the souvenir business grows beyond the brewery’s ability to keep up with orders, phone calls, shipping, etc. the next step would be to look into fulfillment services. A fulfillment service can provide all the services above and help the company to not lose money online by concentrating 100% on moving souvenirs while the brewmaster can concentrate on brewing great beer.

There is no way a business should lose money online

A little research, a bit of time and a business can be set up an online presence to increase sales and not lose money online by not being online. Simple, low-cost methods such as a Facebook page, Twitter, and Google+ can be conduits or funnels to not only bring in souvenir sales but customers to the brewery as well.

Growth means a greater investment to not lose money online so Yahoo Merchant Business Services or a fulfillment service brings our brewery to a new level of sales online.

So don’t lose money online. If you haven’t done so already, do some research, make a plan, and get your business online up and going.

See you on the beaches!


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