How Safe is Your Business?

As the United States heads into an election this year many small business owners are asking how safe is their business.

How Safe is Your Business?

Government regulations from state, local and federal sources have continued to put a damper on new start-up businesses as well as established businesses.

Regulations contained in the “Affordable Healthcare Act”, sometimes referred to as “Obamacare” seem to target small business owners and force them to pay more than “their fair share”, especially when it comes to paying employees for healthcare. It is somewhat ironic that what started as a way to get around government regulations has become an even greater burden for business owners.

Did you know during the Great Depression, the Roosevelt administration froze all pay raises for employees under the National Reform Act? Employers were not allowed to give employees pay raises; if they did employers could be imprisoned. To keep good employees and help provide for their employees’ families business owners turned to increasing benefits over pay and began providing health insurance as incentives.

What started as a good thing for employees due to a bad thing from government has, however in the past sixty or so years become twisted. Twisted you ask? Yes, twisted. Today the government FORCES large and small business owners to provide health care rather than giving the employer the choice of higher pay versus a higher benefit. To that end our business are no safer from the meddling of the current crop of politicians as were our grandparents in the ’30s.

 How Safe is Your Business?

Politicians in Washington have not produced a budget since the current president came into office. Could you do business if you hadn’t created a budget in over three years? These are the people telling YOU how to run your business? These are the people telling you that YOU DIDN’T BUILD YOUR BUSINESS?

How safe is your business if you can’t make decisions based upon good and sound business practices? How safe is your business when former politicians go into business, lose over a billion dollars in investor’s funds and get away with it?

How safe is your business when politicians decide Wall Street financiers and bankers get a pass on losing trillions of dollars, get bailed out then are told you aren’t paying your fair share?

If this sounds a bit like a rant, well I guess it is. Small business, entrepreneurs are in danger in this country. In 2007 over their were over 27 million businesses in the US. Over 6 million of those businesses had employees. Those 6 million companies employed over 120 million. That’s 120 million people who wouldn’t have a nickle if it wasn’t for a business owner.

Contrast that to 18.8 million employed by the military, federal, state, and local governments. All of whom do not produce a single nickle for the economy. Most employees of government do, however, pay federal income taxes unless they are part of the 51% of Americans who do not pay federal income tax. Many federal (including congress), state, and local employees do NOT pay into social security, however. BTW, contrary to some myths, the US military DOES pay into social security and pay federal income tax.

So when politicians as who’s paying their fair share who IS paying their fair share?

How safe is your business when politicians can stretch the truth (I wanted to say lie but decided not to go there) about your contributions to the economy? How safe are you and your family from confiscation of your hard-earned money?

How safe is your business?

I really didn’t intend to create a blog today ranting about the political climate. My purpose was to get you as business owners, entrepreneurs to think about the contribution you make to the economy and our society. I can honestly say I’ve never seen an unemployed person give someone a job. Over 120 million people employed in 2007 were employed by business owners.

There was a place once, not too long ago, where the government provided jobs to everyone. They provided homes, transportation, entertainment, etc. All the things necessary for one to survive. It was an experiment that lasted about 70 years…then it collapsed. The people got tired of living in overcrowded, poorly constructed housing. The people got tired of no decent food, long lines for small items we take for granted, like toilet paper. The people got tired of cars built by the government that were substandard and death traps. The people finally decided to get rid of a government-run economy.

Why are we going in that direction? Why are we moving toward an economy that takes on face value that someone else is better qualified to make a decision about what you eat, wear, drive, or what type of home you live in?

In 1776, the signers of the Declaration of Independence pledged their lives, their fortunes, and their sacred honor for the cause of freedom and independence from tyranny. Don’t we, as business owners, make the same pledge? Are we willing to pledge our lives to our businesses, our fortunes, and our honor to build our businesses?

If so, how can we allow bureaucrats to take away that thing to which we give so much?

How safe is your business? Only as safe as you are willing to defend it. Get out this November and vote for the representatives you believe will keep your business, your family, and your country safe from the tyranny of bureaucracy.

Keith is the resident writer and troublemaker at Empowered Pros.
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