As this is my introductory blog I wanted to post a theme that will prevail throughout our time together. As you will read in the “About” page, I believe that what it will take to restore this nation and this world to greatness is one that respects individual thought, individual achievement, and individual liberty. To that end I am here to encourage entrepreneurship in all legal guises. Whether it is as a franchisee, a network marketer, an independent contractor, small business owner, or the dreamer who changes dreams into goals through action and thus changes the world. I truly believe it is the entrepreneur, the business owner, the capitalist (say it, it’s not really a dirty word) who feeds and clothes a hungry, naked world. Over the coming years I will look at businesses and business opportunities. We will spend time chatting about business, finances, investing, politics, regulations, leaders and leadership. We will talk about the two guarantees in life; death and taxes. I encourage my readers to make this a two-way street. It should be a forum of ideas. We can agree, disagree, or agree to disagree. I only ask that we remain civil with one another and that we conduct ourselves as what our grandparents would have called gentlemen and gentlewomen. kgs

Is Freedom Free?

Is Freedom Free? This topic gets bandied about on the Internet, at office water coolers, and at bars around the world. There seems to be two standard answers to the question and they tend to come from two separate camps.

Yes, Freedom is Free.

Yes according to the perspective espoused in the US Declaration of Independence that we are, and I am paraphrasing, endowed by our Creator with certain unalienable rights; those of life, liberty (which in the context of this writing I use the term freedom), and the pursuit of happiness.

No, Freedom is not Free.

Freedom is not free because in order to secure these blessing we must “pledge our lives, our fortunes and our sacred trusts.” Interesting isn’t it?  From the same document we get two separate arguments. Each of which can almost bring people to blows in a heated exchange over a couple of adult beverages.

What I’d like to do is come at the this idea from a different angle. What if we were talking about FINANCIAL freedom vice individual liberties or freedom as discussed in the Declaration of Independence? Let’s take a look.

Is Financial Freedom Free?

Is financial freedom free? Are we born financially free or must we pay for it? While some are lucky enough to be born into wealth, certain royalty or children of wealthy parents one could argue that in some ways they are less free than someone born into poverty.

Let me explain. No one would argue that the Prince of Wales in England wasn’t born with a silver spoon. Certainly the trapping of royalty, the palaces, cars, the yachts, the planes all attest to finances, but what freedom does he truly have? Before he was born he was destined for the monarchy; his path was chosen. The prince could never choose to be a shopkeeper, or a football player, an artist, as singer. He never had the choices you have when it comes to your life’s path. The same could be said for most “royals”.

What about the children or grandchildren of some of the richest people of the world? We follow them, the “A” list crowd along with the paparazzi but why? Do we think that by following their exploits some of the wealth might rub off? Then we see them handcuffed and brought before judges and juries for drugs or violence. Where is their freedom now? Does having all that wealth give them freedom?

No, I believe that in the context of financial freedom, freedom is not free. And that’s a good thing. There is a price to be paid for the freedoms we have. We all know deep down inside that something we have to work for, save for, sacrifice for is much dearer to us than something just given to us.

But then again, financial freedom is free. Financial freedom, I believe, can be had by ANYONE. Regardless of what state one is born to, at least in this country, one can  financial freedom.

I can’t help but think of Chris Gardner portrayed by Will Smith in The Pursuit of Happyness film that debuted in 2006. Here was a man who could have thrown up his hands and given up thinking EVERYTHING against him. There was no point in HIM trying to get ahead.

But he did get ahead; why? Because Chris Gardner knew that freedom, financial or otherwise, comes from a higher source. That if he blamed his parents, or society, or whomever for his lack of circumstance he could NEVER be free.

He knew that while a higher source might want him do be free it was incumbent upon HIM to put into action that which would make him free. I took ACTION to make him free; to bring him financial as well as personal freedom.

Therefore freedom is free, yet it isn’t…confusing isn’t it. Just as the Declaration tells us that our personal freedom is free, given to us from on high, as it were; it is we who set limits to those freedoms. Limits we set either in our own minds or allow to be set by those that govern us. It is also we who must fight to preserve those freedoms. We must fight the internal demons that would tell us we couldn’t have success as well as fight the external demons that would try to limit our success.

So, as I see it; in the realm of financial freedom as well as personal freedom;  we can ALL be financially free, IF, we are willing to FIGHT for that freedom and put into ACTION plans and processes that will make us financially free.




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