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Great Blog Content—5 Easy Ways to Get Ideas About What to Write

Blogging is one of the fastest growing, easiest, and least expensive ways to build a business online. Whether you goal is to increase traffic to an offline business or use the power of the Internet to grow an online business blogging may be for you.

One of the challenges people give for not starting a blog or foundering after a few weeks of blogging is the inability to come up with content to write about.

Let’s assume, and yes I know what “they” say about assuming, you have a blog already. If you have used Ray Higdon’s Prospect Target Matrix and have defined your target audience the rest will be easy. If you haven’t narrowed down who your target niche is I suggest you take time and decide who exactly are you writing your blog for. Bypassing this important step will only lead to frustration on your part. Haven’t you had enough frustration working your JOB?

 So how do you come up with great blog content? Content that will bring people to your blog?

Let’s look at 5 Easy Ways to Get Ideas About What to Write.

1. What do you already know? What training have you received on your niche? Chances are you have some books about your niche on your bookshelf. How about other training opportunities such as webinars, seminars, or hey what did you learn in school? Let’s say for example your niche is fishing. Have you ever taken lessons in fly fishing? How about books? Do you have books about fly fishing or deep sea fishing? What ideas could you get from those books or your training.

2. Have you asked other people in your niche? Do you go to a Meet Up group for fishing? If so, you could ask questions about problems some of your members are having. Do they have problems finding the right spot to throw a fly? Do they have troubles with casting? Why don’t you go to a Bass Pro Shop seminar and ask the instructor questions about what kind of questions they get at their seminars? Let your imagination go and you’ll be surprised how you can get others to open up about what is frustrating them. And isn’t that the reason for your blog…to solve problems?

3. Why not head to the library or book store. Believe it or not libraries and book stores have volumes (pun intended) of NEW relevant information about your niche. Peruse the aisles and see what you can find. And oh, by-the-way, if any of those books, magazines, or periodicals you happen to be looking at have LISTS each of those can be Great Blog Content.

4. Review other blogs related to your niche. NO, I’m not advocating you stealing other bloggers ideas. I am saying that by reading other blogs you will get ideas about some of the problems your readers may have that need your expertise. Don’t forget to leave a comment and LIKE the post on Facebook if you get an idea from a fellow blogger!

5. Do a Keyword Search on Google Keyword Tool. Why don’t you put some the titles of your previous blogs into Google Keyword Tool and see what other results you see. I did a simple search, “fly casting made easy” and got 50 results. I could probably get some content for my blog out of those 50 results.


If you use your imagination I know you will come up with other ideas for adding Great Blog Content to YOUR blog.


Don’t let the idea of not having ideas about what to blog about stop you from building your business online. Blogging is a great way to make money online and a lot of fun as well.

If you enjoyed this post please comment, share it, and let me know if you’d like to see more posts like this one! I look forward to hearing from you!


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