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Get Organized—Or How to Eat An Elephant

Get Organized

Get Organized

Does it seem like the more you do, the more you have to do? Starting or running a home-based business can seem like that especially when you first start. It seems like you can NEVER get organized. I know, for example, that when I started my blog I thought it was going to be a pretty simple process. All I had to do was get a domain name, set up my WordPress account and I’d be off to the races.

I had no clue about things like Search Engine Optimization (SEO), syndicating, affiliate networking, and the list goes on. It seemed like the more I learned about blogging the more I needed to learn so I spent hours, days, studying the experts, reviewing software, plug-ins, and the list goes on.

So what did I do to get organized and make it a habit to blog EVERY day, learn something, EVERY day, and improve my website EVERY day?

We have all heard the old question, “How do you eat and elephant,” and the wise retort, “One bite at a time.” Well the same goes for you when you have to get organized. You need to get organized one step at a time. Here are 5 tips that can help you get organized and help you overcome the feeling of being overwhelmed.

1. Have a Plan and Work Your Plan. When I fly airplanes we always know our destination before we ever climb into the airplane. In your business you need to have a destination in mind as well. You need to have goals. They need to be concrete, written attainable destinations for your business. Are your goals written down, are the clear and achievable?

2. Have a Daily To-Do List.  Do you sit down at the beginning of your day and list out the tasks that need to be accomplished each day? In order to get organized we need to have a daily course of action (COA) that spells out what we need to do. For example: review/send e-mails, review our social networks, read, comment and LIKE other blogs; write our blog, etc. Don’t be afraid to have a list and try to stick to it.

3. Prioritize Your Plan.This is probably the most important step you can have to get organized. It’s human nature for us to get distracted throughout the day and NOT do the most important things. We tend to get distracted by the small things that really don’t matter. For example, have you ever sat down at your desk with the goal of writing your blog and the next thing you know you’re cleaning the office, surfing the Internet, or reading emails? Were those the most important thing for you to accomplish right then? Probably not. The method I use is a number system with 1 being the most important, 2 being important but can wait, and 3 are items that if they don’t get done that day it doesn’t make that big of a difference.

4. Work Your Plan. Flying an airplane is mostly about staying on course. Most people don’t realize that over 90% of your time is spent correcting back onto course, altitude, and airspeed. The same goes when you get organized on a daily basis. You must constantly be correcting back to the MOST IMPORTANT priorities. Work your daily COA and constantly fight to stay on course by working your priority projects first.

5. Review and Revise Your Plan.Life is constantly throwing us curve balls. On a typical flight from point A to point B

Get Organized

Stay On Course to Get Organized

something is going to change so we have to revise our plan. The winds aren’t what we predicted, the weather changes, our fuel computations were off. I know this is going to happen when I fly but I keep my eye on the destination. It’s the same for you as you work your daily plan. If you know your priorities, however, and keep your eye on your goals you will get where you plan to be. At the end of the day you’ll get the satisfaction of knowing that you were able to get organized, prioritize your daily tasks and achieve your daily goals. Now you can take a few minutes and review what was accomplished and be ready to start fresh the next day with your 5-step plan.

Do you have other steps to get organized? Why don’t you leave a comment and let me know what you do to get organized on a daily basis.

Eat the Elephant One Bite at a Time and You WILL Get Organized

So there’s an easy 5-step plan to get organized, remember:

1. Have a Plan and Work Your Plan

2. Have a Daily To-Do Plan

3. Prioritize Your Plan

4. Work Your Plan

5. Review and Revise Your Plan

Taking these 5 steps will  help you keep from being overwhelmed in your business, get organized, and make life a lot more fun in the process!

Did you like this post on how to get organized? Would you like to see more like it? Please leave a comment below to let me know.

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