E-Commerce and a New Beginning

After a long hiatus from our blog and a year plus of e-commerce experience through our Amazon FBA (Fulfilled by Amazon), it’s time to step back and evaluate what we’ve learned over the past 18 months. Like so many of my friends and relatives we were lured to the Internet with the hopes of building a business that would eventually replace our full-time incomes we’re not seeing the results we expected. We ARE making money…BUT…just barely breaking even at this point. Again, like so many of our friends and relatives…and I’m sure many of you, what we found was a maze rather than a road map to success.

Like so many novices we were inundated with “the latest and greatest” method to build a successful online business. Many of those who approached us were nothing more than multi-level marketing companies trying to disguise themselves as legitimate business opportunities. Others were pitch men with the latest and greatest software “guaranteed” to get your website to number one on a Google search. Sound familiar?

It seems every “successful” entrepreneur who can spell e-commerce has made at least $100,000 their first year and for the low, low price of $xxx they’ll share how they became successful—right!

Now, don’t get me wrong I KNOW there are a LOT of successful e-commerce entrepreneurs—the only problem is for every successful e-commerce entrepreneur there seem to be at least 1000 who are “faking it, till they make it.”

With those thoughts in mind we’re now faced with a couple of options:

  1. We do nothing…in other words, we quit.
  2. We blame someone else…not to get political but that may work for politicians but it won’t work for business.
  3. We fall back and regroup…like all tactical maneuvers, when we realize our plan isn’t working we need to make some decisions and fix the problem. We plan to use the OODA Loop

Evaluating Our E-commerce Experience

The OODA loop was developed by a fellow named Jon Boyd. OODA stands for Observe, Orient, Decide, Act. As I mentioned it’s a loop so you can start the process at any point. In our case we’ve Observed our business is doing OK, but not really where we’d like it to be so now we Orient ourselves by gathering facts, figures, etc. and then we Decide what course of Action we’ll take based upon our information.

A New Beginning for Our E-commerce Site

So at this juncture we at Empowered Pros are in the Observe/Orient space of the loop. Over the next couple of weeks we’ll look at where we’ve been and what we’ve accomplished. We’ll gather facts and figures. We’ll analyze our facts and figures then come up with a decision as to where to go next.

There’s an old saying, “Knowing is half the battle.” Today we know we’ve got to change in order to drive our business forward.

Stay tuned for more info on HOW we’ll move forward with Empowered Pros.

In the mean time if you’re interested in learning more about the OODA Loop and John Boyd you can go here:




Keith is the resident writer and troublemaker at Empowered Pros.
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