What Drives Our Nation?

“Don’t let anyone tell you…that it’s corporations and businesses that create jobs.” Hillary Clinton at a campaign event Friday, 24 October 2014, for Martha Coakly.

What Drives Our Nation?

What Drives Our Nation?

My youngest son is a retail store manager in a Las Vegas mall. He’s been involved with retail since his college days at the University of Reno.

He started his retail career a salesperson working at the Reno Apple retail store where he managed to move up the ladder from salesperson to training manager in that store.

It isn’t hard to make the stretch that his background in Navy Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps helped establish the leadership skills he’s used to become successful in retail.

After a couple of years with Apple he took a position as assistant manager  and then manager for a major audio retail store in Northern Nevada.

Earlier this year he was offered a more lucrative and fulfilling position at his current store that also gave him a chance to be closer to family.

I’m happy to say my son and I have a great relationship and we talk almost daily. Many of our conversations over the years have been about leadership, sales, and customer relations. He believe he feels comfortable talking with me about such matters given my military and business background.

So, the other day we were talking about some of his current and former employees and how their attitude toward the company and its product was important to sales.

He mentioned how a particular employee felt like, “What’s the big deal about what I’m doing with my life…all I do is sell soap.”

My son admitted he’d sometimes felt that way early in his retail career. He told his employee how he’d compared what my dad, brothers, and I had done in the military and thought what being a retail salesman paled in comparison to defending our country.

And then he went on to tell me about a lady who had come into his Apple store years ago to buy iPods for veterans with post traumatic stress. How the music was good therapy for these former warriors.

It was this event that had made him realize how important his job was to those veterans, and gave my son a foundation for his life’s choice.

I couldn’t help but think about his career choice and that of other retailers in a somewhat different light.

You see, from my perspective I see the millions of Americans who provide products or services to our nation as the drivers of what makes the United States unique and worth defending.

I don’t believe for a second what Hillary Clinton said the other day about business not providing jobs.

It’s business that Drives Our Nation!

I’m not sure when it happened—perhaps at the end of the 19th century—when business became the bad guy.

Oh, I’ve heard about, read about, and seen documentaries about the “robber barons” of that century…Carnegie, Rockefeller, Astor, etc. and needless to say how they treated their workers was anything but enlightened.

So today, we’ve got our president and political candidates trying to tell us it’s the government who provides goods and services to people and it’s the federal government who provides jobs—really?

Who built the railroads? Who built the airlines? Who built the computer or smart phone you’re reading this on?

Don’t be fooled—it’s industry that drives this nation. It’s women and men with ideas and guts that drive this nation.

It’s the entrepreneur…like you, who sees a problem and comes up with a solution. It’s the business owner and risk taker who drives this nation.

It’s those of you willing to risk your time, your money, your relationships to build a business and ultimately a product or service who drive this nation.

It’s entrepreneurs and business owners like you who grow your businesses and need to hire people, who give them jobs that build this nation.

And it’s you and those employees who work day in and day out to provide for your families, support your charities, and pay taxes who drive this nation.

And it’s your taxes that pay the bloated salaries of politicians and bureaucrats so they can look down their noses, cluck like hens, and thump their chests and say, “You are insignificant in the big scheme of things,” that drive the nation.

Finally, it’s you and people like you and my son who day in and day out deserve better and of whom I am extremely proud.

YOU are What Drives Our Nation!

Don’t let anyone tell you different. Thank you and may God Bless all of you.

Keith is the resident writer and troublemaker at Empowered Pros.
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