Commission Breakthrough Review

I must admit that today I experienced an excruciatingly painful ordeal and I don’t want my readers to relive my agony BUT…in an effort to bring you what I feel is up-to-the-minute information about online marketing I AM willing to some make sacrifices.

Commission Breakthrough Review

Commission Breakthrough Review

I have wanted to do some product reviews since starting this blog but have been somewhat sidetracked due to the actual building, the birth of my first grandchild (a bouncing baby girl!) and life in general. So the dust had settled a bit, the wife only had some grocery shopping to do (she needed to take me for moral support) so I decided to get on ClickBank and do some research.

For those of you not familiar with ClickBank I’ll do a separate post on it in the future. For now just know that ClickBank is a great repository for those interested in affiliate marketing. Affiliates go onto the site can promote products from categories beginning with Arts & Entertainment to Travel and everything in between. Since this is an online marketing blog and an area that I am especially interested in I naturally gravitated to the E-Business and E-Marketing niche in the marketplace.

Without going into a lot of detail as to why (I’ll save that for the ClickBank post) I chose the most popular business in the category Commission Breakthrough. Suffice it to say it had high interest, a decent initial sales commission and what appeared to be a good amount of sales in the past 8 weeks. Looked good to me so I jumped to the landing page and watched the marketing video (well done BTW with professional-looking news cast at the beginning). I won’t go through the entire presentation but suffice it to say the pitch was appealing and well thought through.

So, with that said I leaped in with both feet and opted-in at the low price of $34 (the 60-day Money Back Guarantee was the REAL selling point for me) and began my Commission Breakthrough Review

Like so many sites the next thing I was met with was up sell after up sell. I understand and don’t have a problem with up sells as whole mind you as I know they are a part of the profit model. If you are looking into any online business you should expect and WELCOME them especially if you are in a position to make a profit from the up sells. So a couple of hundred dollars later (remember it started at $34 and a 60-day money back guarantee) I made it to the setup and training pages. FYI, I could have come it at a much lower cost if I had wanted to set my website up myself and not get as much support. As I am a believer in out-sourcing as a way of life for online marketers I did opt-in for some of the more expensive packages.

What was touted as a two-hour setup took me about four hours (and I took the “we’ll set this up for you package”). Several more services were offered including web hosting and domain setup by  Brain Host, site promotion via Desktop Lightning, e-mail autoresponder via GetResponse and Webfire; to name a few. The nice thing about the training during all this was the step-by-step instructions on how to integrate all of the software and website tie-ins. All of this was pretty much what you’d expect from a package deal designed to get your website and affiliate links in front of web traffic.

At the end of the day the system revolved around setting up your website, choosing a couple of affiliates based upon your niche and then linking your website to Yep, you read correctly, link your business website to What a great idea over 799 million visitors per hour would mean a LOT of exposure for ANY website.

BUT and it’s a BIG BUT (not to be confused with…well I’ll just leave that to your imagination) here’s what happened to me…

I set up a site about…you guessed it affiliate marketing. I got a “special” domain name from the Commission Breakthrough crew. Set up my site with the header Affiliate Marketing Secrets designed to tie into wikipedia’s affiliate marketing page and when I went add my link the URL was IMMEDIATELYblacklisted…go figure. The domain name had absolutely nothing to do with affiliate marketing. My text on the link was”Affiliate Marketing Explained” but the editors had

Commission Breakthrough Review

Commission Breakthrough Review

already decided it was TABOO. Dead as they say in the water.

A quick Google search and Bing search revealed I wasn’t the only Commission Breakthrough patron who had run into the same problem. …And now for the bottom line.

On Commission Breakthrough Review—My Opinion

The idea of tapping into the millions of people checking out wikipedia is mouthwatering. I believe once the code is broken, and it will be broken, millions of dollars, if not more, will be made by affiliate marketers linking to wikipedia. In the mean time I just don’t think Commission Breakthrough is there yet. Until they get there my opinion is WAIT. Some of the training was interesting but, in my opinion, not worth the time sitting through the sales pitches as well. Oh, and just so you know how I really feel…I’ve asked for the refund.

On a Completely Different Topic

Empowered Pros is now offering FREE training to aspiring online marketers. Just click on the link on the right panel marked “Free Training”

On Another Completely Different Topic

Have you had any experience with Commission Breakthrough? Are there other opportunities you’d like me to write about? Am I on track, off track, or full of crap? Please leave a comment and let me know you’re out there!

Commission Breakthrough Review




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