Can You Help the Economy?

Can You Help the Economy

Can You Help the Economy?

Now that’s a question…can YOU help the economy and if so, how? In case you haven’t noticed, the U.S. economy has been in the doldrums for quite some time now. In fact the world economy is in one hell of mess.

We get conflicting reports from the media about are we or are we not in a recovery. I’ll leave that question unanswered because I’m sure you have your own opinion one way or another. Regardless of where you stand on a recovery the economy can ALWAYS use a boost from dedicated individuals willing to help out, right?

Haven’t we been encouraged by political leaders to, “Spend heavily so we can encourage business growth and get put more people back to work.” Isn’t the U.S. government trying to “spend” its way out of the fiscal mess we find ourselves in? Hmmm take a look at this video: Stop Spending Our Future

If spending isn’t the answer what is?

How Can You Help the Economy?

First we need to have faith in the “invisible hand” that Adam Smith wrote about in his book, “An Inquiry Into the Nature and Causes of Wealth of Nations“. Adam Smith believed that individuals were more concerned with what they had to gain as individuals rather than as part of the mass or whole of society. He proposed individuals as business owners, merchants, or individual laborers interested in their own gain would, in turn, cause society to prosper.

More simply, you can help the economy by being an entrepreneur, a business owner, an independent contractor. It is INDIVIDUAL gain, whether in fortune or fame that has driven some of the greatest in our society.

Did Thomas Edison invent the light bulb, phonograph, or any of his other inventions just “for the good of mankind.”? Oh hell no. Thomas Edison submitted over a thousand patents just to the U.S. patent office in his lifetime. If Edison had wanted to invent “for the good of mankind” he wouldn’t have patented his inventions, now would he?

Yep, good ole Tommy E was in it for the money AND THE FAME. And what’s the harm in that? What’s the harm in any inventor or entrepreneur starting a business, MICROSOFT- APPLE-GOOGLE-FACEBOOK, to make money and in the process help mankind as well?

You Can Help the Economy my friends by recognizing that some of the greatest gifts to mankind have come about by pure self-interest. Does that make you bad?


Bill and Melinda Gateshave proven that after making literally billions in Bill’s business

Can You Help the Economy

Can You Help the Economy?

they recognize that to whom much is given much is expected. They have helped the economy by giving hundreds perhaps thousands of people jobs at Microsoft and perhaps thousands, if not millions more in spin-offs of the PC.

I hope by now you are beginning to see that yes, You Can Help the Economy.

You can help the economy by building a business, by being an entrepreneur and chasing you dreams. If you need to spend money, spend it on your business. Put money into your training, your education, your hardware, software, and your employees.

Don’t let the current state of the economy frighten you. If you knew you had the next Google ready to launch and needed money to do it-could you find it? If you were positive that what you had in your hands was the next iPad but you needed help marketing it-could you find the help?

Can You Help The Economy?

Can You Help the Economy

Yes, You Can Help the Economy!

Yes, if you don’t give up, give in, or settle for second best. Set your goals, remember goals are dreams with a time limit. Work to achieve your goals and never give up. If every entrepreneur or aspiring entrepreneur reading this article were to roll up their sleeves and just, Get ‘Er Done the economy would be well on the path to recovery.

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