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Blog Syndication—2 Ways to Get the Word Out Quickly

Blog Syndication

Many small business owners have turned to blogging in order to drive consumers to their websites. Publishing a blog and establishing yourself as an expert in your chosen profession can generate large numbers of leads.

Without Blog Syndication Generating Large Numbers of Leads Can Take Time

Blog syndication, much like broadcast syndication used in radio and television, gives someone the right to send (broadcast) articles to multiple outlets. In the case of radio or television these would be individual stations; with blog syndication our blog posts are sent to multiple websites and social media sites (LinkedIn, Facebook).

So, as I mentioned in an earlier post, “What’s in it for me,” you ask? Well, to put it simply, if you and I can get our blog posts noticed on hundreds or thousands of  Tweets, Facebook likes, etc. in short order Google search engines go bananas!

Blog Syndication Gets You Noticed—Quickly!

How does it work, simply, I go to my Twitter, LinkedIn, Yelp, Facebook, etc. account and post a message about my latest and greatest post.

Then I go to your website, read your blog and LIKE you on Facebook (here’s my shameless plug…please LIKE me on Facebook). I’ll surf over to Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. and try to get you as much exposure as I can.

If you do the same for me it becomes a win/win situation. But have you seen what the limiting factor is in this scenario? You guessed it, TIME. It’s easy if just you and I are helping each other out…what if we’ve got hundreds of other bloggers we are following—OUCH!

Here are Two Blog Syndication Sites That Can Save You Time

A free website, ping.fm, allows you to broadcast to all of your social media sites simultaneously. Simply join then choose your social networks. When you complete a blog just write a quick note then copy and paste your URL into the message are and hit send. The time savings alone is worth checking out ping.fm.

TribePro is the mother ship of blog syndication sites. TribePro let’s you post your blogs then have hundreds of like-minded bloggers share your blog on their social networks. It’s Ping.fm on steroids!

Unlike Ping.fm, TribePro has three pricing features. Prices range from FREE, $39.97 per month for PLUS membership, and

The Power of Blog Syndication

$79.97 per month for PRO membership. In a nutshell free membership just gets you foot in the door. The two features you’ll need or want as a minimum are the Auto Send and Auto Syndicate features. These come with PLUS membership and what I currently use on TribePro.

Blog Syndication is Made Easy With TribePro

Easy-to-follow tutorial videos get you set up quickly and easily. After you’ve set up your accounts you search the tribes with you likes and interests, join them and start building a list of folks to follow who will then follow you. Here’s a great video by Mike Hobbs from his review showing how he build a large blog syndication following quickly.

Blog Syndication can get your blog noticed quickly. Take a few minutes and watch Mike’s video and look into Ping.fm and TribePro they could just take your blog to new heights.

Images courtesy of FreeDigitalPhotos.net: jscreationzs / smarnad respectively

Would you like to know more about blog syndication? If so, please leave a comment!

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