AWAI Bootcamp Day Two

AWAI Bootcamp Day Two

AWAI Bootcamp Day Two

Thursday and day two of AWAI’s Bootcamp started early with breakfast at 7:00 AM followed by a break-out session on Financial copywriting at 7:05. So, I grabbed a cup of coffee and was able to get a seat before the room became SRO (standing-room-only).

The host and presenters, Charlotte Crockett, Chris Allsop, and Guillermo “G” Rubio, discussed some of the fine points of writing copy for financial markets and surprisingly, having a business or financial background wasn’t necessary to break into this market. What WAS necessary was a desire to learn…go figure!

While focusing initially on writing controls for financial newsletters, stock offerings, and alternative investment analysis, I was surprised to find financial copywriting also includes areas such as credit cards, insurance, and other financial vehicles.

The meeting ended at 7:50 and I managed to grab some scrambled eggs before the first ballroom session of the morning the Member Spotlight and Conquering Your Fear with Guillermo Rubio. “G” shared how he became committed to his copywriting career went from working in AWAI’s offices to a six-figure copywriter by following his fear. Hat’s off to you “G”!

Next came bad-boy copywriter John Carlson who talked about The Arc of a Successful Freelance Career. John gave an outstanding presentation on how to break into the freelance market and mapped out the different career paths open to a copywriter. More to follow in a later post about how to get your Freak Flag on!

A quick break and we were given an not-to-be-forgotten presentation by Carline Anglade-Cole on how to write faster copy. Faster copy means more jobs in less time, and as she puts it, more moola in your pocket. It was a great presentation and her tidbits on how to write faster were clear, concise, and relevant for the audience. More on her presentation later as well…but here’s a hint…USE the product or service you’re selling your prospect…well, duh!

Herschell Gordon Lewis, veteran copywriter and considered the creator of the “splatter” gore film, showed how in one hour we’d go from zero to hero by writing more effective copy. Did I mention I’ll be breaking down individual discussions/presentations in later posts? Well I will.

Although I wasn’t a member of the AWAI Great Books Club I decided to attend the lunchtime session since it was on Claude C. Hopkins’ (the Thomas Edison of copywriting) seminal book, My Life in Advertising & Scientific Advertising. I’d read the book earlier in the year so having Richard Armstrong and Marcella Allison giving a guided discussion on this classic was well worth the time.

Day Two at AWAI Bootcamp Continues…

It was after lunch that I had the opportunity to see, in person, the great Robert W. Bly (Bob Bly) who taught us 10 Steps to Having a Great Copywriting Career for Life. Needless to say hearing Bob, author of over 80 books, talk about how to build a freelance copywriting career was awesome!

How do you follow an act like Bob Bly? Invite Donna Baier Stein to give a talk on Today’s Best Practices for Writing, Publishing, and Selling Your Book. If you’ve ever thought about writing and selling a book, whether fiction or non-fiction this was the session for you. Donna is an accomplished author and teacher and the session was well received.

And then  came…Brian Kurtz. Marketing guru for the publishing great, Boardroom Inc. Brian gave a no-holds-barred presentation, 7 Things Every Copywriter Needs to Know if You Want to Work with the Big Dogs. In a nutshell, it’s fish or cut bait if you plan on working for this marketing giant. He’s looking for A-List wannabe’s willing to go the extra mile and push his company to greatness…if you aren’t on board, you’ll be run over.

Thursday finished with a great presentation by niche expert, Pam Foster who talked about Choosing a Niche and then Bob Bly who gave us 3 Kick-Butt Self-promotions for Freelance Copywriters that Pull Like Gangbusters.

Day Two at AWAI’s Bootcamp 2014 comes to a close

After Thursday’s session I felt like I’d just tried to drink from a fire hydrant…

It was time to go write and contemplate on what I’d seen and heard today…can’t wait for tomorrow!

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