AWAI Bootcamp Day Three — Job Fair

It’s now Friday morning and we hit the ground running with A Taste of Niche Markets” Web Copywriting Opportunities with Rebecca Matter, Nick Usborne, Heather Robson, Lori Haller, and Charlotte Crockett…I have to admit…I slept in. The good news is all the sessions are recorded and the audio will be on AWAI’s website!

AWAI Job Fair

AWAI Job Fair

After a brief Jumpstart session by Joshua Boswell, Mindy McHorse from The Barefoot Writer and frequent contributor to AWAIOnline talked about how she conquered her fear in order to achieve a six-figure income.

One of my AWAI favorites, Will Newman, gave a great presentation on The Single Most Important Secret to Headline Success. I was so impressed with his presentation and teaching ability I made up my mind to invest in the AWAI Circle of Success (COS). Will’s is one of the instructors for this program and I hope I’ll get him during my advanced training as a COS member.

Next on deck was copywriting greats John Forde of The Copywriter’s Roundtable and Jen Stevens giving us a chance to review What Worked … What Didn’t. Having the opportunity to vote on previous campaigns was an eye-opener and fortunately John gave us a great website to keep up with our review…more on this later.

We spent the two hours before lunch gobbling up nuggets from that 1 percenter, Dan Kennedy, on Never Be Without Work: Secrets of a Freelance Writer Who is Never Without Good Clients & Interesting, Lucrative Work.  Continuing the theme started by John Carlton and Bob Bly, Dan shared his system for driving clients into his funnel and prepping them as future clients. Needless to say it works well for Dan who commands a $19,000 PLUS per day consulting fee.


During lunch I attended A Taste of major Copywriting Niche Markets: Travel Writing seminar presented by Lori Haller & Lori Allen. Lori Allen is editor of The Traveler’s Life at Great Escape Publishing and she gave some interesting insights to those of us interested in travel writing, copywriting for travel companies and a bit on photography as well.

One of my main interests is travel writing — love to travel, love to write — so this was especially interesting to me. I found out I can add my love of travel and financial background to this niche as well. I’m definitely digging deeper into this program.

My next session was a pre-job fair session with Katie Yeakle and Joshua Boswell designed to prep us for…the Job Fair! Lot’s of good information AND good questions in our session and as soon as it was over I popped back up to the room to clean up a bit.

Job Fair at AWAI’s Bootcamp 2014

Wow! That’s the first word that came to mind when I walked in the door of the Job Fair. The place was packed and LOUD! Katie and Joshua had urged us to meet with as many of the company representative as possible and it was evident from the activity a lot of the bootcamp attendees took it to heart.

Here’s a partial list of attendees: Agora Financial, Barefoot Writer, Great Escape Publishing, Newsmax Media, Bayliss Media Group, Beachbody, and many more. Thanks to all the companies that were there!

The Job Fair was officially over at 6:00 PM and the next event was a luau at poolside scheduled for 8:00 PM. I decided since it was a luau and poolside that meant flip-flops and shorts.

It’s Luau Time After the Job Fair at AWAI’s Bootcamp 2014

I made a quick trip upstairs for a the third change of the day and a pop over to BurgerFi for a hotdog and chocolate malt before

AWAI Bootcamp 2014 Luau

AWAI Bootcamp 2014 Luau

heading back to the room to get some writing done. After all, if I was going to drink Mai Tai’s at the luau I’d need something in the tummy.

A chocolate fountain, strawberry daiquiris and good friends in Florida…what more could you ask for? It was a late evening Friday night and I’m glad I had my nightly chat with Ilene BEFORE the luau as well as my daily writing completed…I was pooped when I got to bed…ain’t tellin’ what time.

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