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All Work and No Play—Why Bloggers Quit

With over 100 million blogs estimated to be online today it’s only natural that a business owner would question why a blog would be a lucrative tool to increase business. The short answer is that most bloggers don’t make it past three months.

All Work and No Play

Why not?

As you know, the goal of a blog is to bring traffic to your website, give value to those who read our blogs and develop a loyal following of readers. As a business owner, if you have identified your audience properly those followers will, hopefully, become patrons/customers at some point. If you are a network marketer or involved in a multi-level marketing company those followers could become distributors. Blogging could and should lead to a win/win situation.

The challenge for the blogger becomes what to write about on a consistent basis to keep their readers engaged. And we must keep our readers engaged because that global giant, Google, with its all-seeing eye is constantly evaluating our site for traffic, comments, likes, and CHANGING CONTENT.

What generally happens to most wannabe bloggers is they’re like a greyhound out of the gate…lots of ideas, quickly coming up with great content but after a lap or two they run out of steam. Not only do bloggers run out of ideas, but worse yet, they get bored with their efforts and that my friends is the kiss of death to a blogger. The thing to keep in mind is blogging isn’t a sprint…it’s a marathon. How then do we consistently change our content and keep your readers engaged? We must remember that all work and no play leads to the kiss of death.

All Work and No Play

What does that mean? While blogging is a serious business it doesn’t mean we can’t have fun with it. If all we talk about on our blog is business, and I don’t care what business it is, well, one word….BORING!

We need to have fun with blogging. After all, aren’t we in a home-based business to get free of the rat race? Aren’t we here to have fun, be free and think and live OUTSIDE THE BOX?

If all we do is All Work and No Play at our home-based business we are doomed.

So what’s the answer. Rather than be that person chained to a desk thinking I’ll do all work and no play to build my home-based business I’m going to challenge you to get out of your office this weekend; go out and enjoy SPRING! Hopefully it’s a nice Spring where you’re at but it doesn’t matter…get your ass out of the house and enjoy life!

When’s the last time you took your significant other out for a NICE dinner…I ain’t talking Micky D’s here. When’s the last time you went out on a hike or dropped by the local Bentley dealer (we do have one here in Vegas, you know)? Hey even if it’s the local John Deere dealer have you gone out and looked at something you’d really like to buy? John Deere makes some awesome products by-the-way (full disclosure, I DO own stock).

Here’s the deal…after you go out and have some fun; let’s hear about it! Tell us about the great restaurant you and the wife dined at last weekend (Brio’s in the Town Square, Las Vegas, NV best wait staff we’ve seen in town). Post a picture or two or three.

Town Square Las Vegas, NV

The bottom line is the way to keep the blogs coming is to have fun and remember that All Work and No Play will lead to short-lived blogging career.

Here’s you CTA (that a call-to-action for newbies). Tomorrow, instead of writing about your business or how to build your business online, whatever it may be, write about the fun you had. I look forward to reading about your day!

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Keith is the resident writer and troublemaker at Empowered Pros.
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