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Adding Value—The Key to Magnetic Sponsoring

Not too long ago I was listening to a MLM guru talking about how he doesn’t go out hunting for leads; he lets the leads come to

Adding Value-The Key to Magnetic Sponsoring

him. After I got through laughing hysterically and picked myself off the floor I listened to what he had to say.

“Everyone walks around today listening to ONE radio station,” he said. “Can anyone guess which one that is?” he said looking around the room. Well of course all of us looked at each other with puzzled expressions. There’s NO WAY EVERYONE listens to the same radio station we were all thinking.

The speaker gave the question the obligatory, pregnant pause then continued, “Everyone in this room, in this building, and in this city listen to the same radio station; WII-Fm

Again we all looked at each other with even more bewilderment. We live WEST of the Mississippi river and EVERYONE knows all radio stations West of the Mississippi begin with the call letter “K” not “W”. The call letter “W” is reserved for stations EAST of the Mississippi.

“Everyone in this room listens to WII-Fm, he reiterated, station WHAT’S IN IT FOR ME (WII-Fm)?”


Adding Value—The Key to Magnetic Sponsoring

Everyone, and I MEAN everyone is hard-wired to listen to station WII-Fm. The sooner we, as network marketers, understand and embrace that fact the sooner we can quit chasing leads and draw prospects to us.

Ask a room of people would they either give to a charity out of the kindness of their hearts or sign up for a free, no obligation seminar that explains a step-by-step method to a five-figure monthly income and guess which one most people will opt for?

The recent Mega-Millions jackpot where hundreds of millions of dollars were spent in the attempt to win hundreds of millions of dollars. Do you think people spent money on the tickets for the fun of it? OH HELL NO! They were all listening to WII-Fm and hoping to win the big bucks!

If we understand that people naturally see the world through station WII-Fm ho can network marketers use this knowledge to help in our marketing efforts.

It’s quite easy, really…by adding value to everything we do we can draw prospects to us like magnets.

If you have a blog, are you helping your target audience solve problems? Do you add value by offering them a free webinar or e-book that will help your readers to solve more problems?

Solve Your Reader's Problems

The key here is to understand that if you know your audience and their needs, wants, and desires you can help solve their needs, wants, and desires. Then if you kick it up a notch, to quote a famous chef, and add a little extra value your readers will appreciate your efforts .

What you’ve just done by adding value is you’ve also helped develop your relationship and trust. In today’s market, building trust and developing a strong relationship are what will lead your prospects to the answers to their problems and you to results you are trying to achieve.

So as you build your business online, keep in mind that your readers are listening to station WII-Fm radio all the time.

If you can show your audience what’s in it for them by solving their needs, wants, and desires you will develop trust with your prospects and they in-turn will return drawn to you like a magnet and our days of hunting leads are over.


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