Who Are The Empowered Pros and How Can They Help Me Succeed?


Keith & Ilene in Alaska

We’re Keith and Ilene and we’re honored you’ve decided to find out more about us and how we can help YOU generate more income in your business by optimizing  the power of the World-Wide-Web—the Internet!

Ilene and I created this blog because we know being over 50 doesn’t mean life has come to an end. In fact, we’re excited about this new century and what we can contribute. As Internet entrepreneurs we know how hard and frustrating it can be to build a successful business.

We KNOW what it’ like to be bombarded with information and shiny objects all designed, it seems, to take our money but not give us what’s promised in return.

Our goal at Empowered Pros is to give you information and tools that will give your business afterburners!

It doesn’t matter whether you’re brand new to working online, haven’t started a business, or know you’ve got serious money-making gaps in your marketing.

Our goal is to guide you through the maze of information on the internet and help you maximize the power of technology both on and offline. We want to help you:

  • Find ways to work more efficiently
  • Focus on ONE opportunity rather than jumping onto the next shiny object—you can do that after you make your first million
  • Find customers or partners who WANT to work with you and chase YOU rather than you chase them
  • Have a banner year in your business

Does this sound interesting to you and are you willing to learn more? GREAT!

So who are Keith and Ilene? Well, in a nutshell, we’re probably a lot like you. We both grew up in middle-class families.

North Rim July 2011j

North Rim of the Grand Canyon

She was born and raised in Chicago, while he was raised throughout the United States—an Air Force brat. They met in Hawaii while on vacation, fell in love, and four months later were married. In the 39 years since, then they’ve raised two boys, traveled the world, and been engaged in a number of business and work activities.

Keith and Ilene’s first business was with a LARGE direct sales company. Not satisfied with the multi-level marketing business model, they invested in real estate, helped start a career management company, and Keith was a sales and marketing representative with a well-known adult training network. Ilene and Keith are also seasoned stock and option traders.

After their sons graduated from school both Keith and Ilene decided to further their educations and both went back to school. Ilene excelled in culinary school and was asked to come to work at the local community college as an assistant teacher and buyer. Keith achieved his Master’s of Business Administration, became an Enrolled Agent and was certified to practice before the Internal Revenue Service.

The are currently owners of an Amazon Fulfilled By Amazon (FBA) business, fiction and non-fiction writers, copywriters, and marketing consultants.

We believe our experience, education, and strategic alliances with many well-known and successful entrepreneurs will help you succeed in your business endeavors. Join us as we help rebuild our business, one success at a time.


Keith & Ilene—The Empowered Pros