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A Millionaire Mindset—Do You Think and Act Like a Millionaire?


A Millionaire Mindset

A Millionaire Mindset

Starting an online business has many advantages over a conventional brick-and-mortar business. Most online businesses, especially network marketing businesses have low entry costs and can be started on a part-time basis.

It’s no wonder then that thousands of people looking for additional income, a way to get out of the rat race, or a way to start a business choose network marketing.

While the low cost, part-time basis can have major appeal, it can also create significant challenges especially for new entrepreneurs without a Millionaire Mindset

You Must Develop a Millionaire Mindset When It Comes to Your Business


What is a Millionaire Mindset? In a nutshell, it’s thinking like a millionaire. Two areas that set millionaires, especially in the network marketing business apart are:

1. How they value their time.

2. How they spend their money.

Millionaires make decisions in their business based upon the perspective that as a person of wealth, time is extremely valuable and money is spent to save time and increase wealth.

Let’s say we have an affiliate marketing business and plan to develop a blog aimed at people desiring to become personal trainers. Since it is a blog site the first thing we’ll want to do is build and establish a kick-butt blog site. Here’s where the millionaire mindset kicks in. Do you:

A. Build the blog site yourself?

B. Have your brother Joey who wants to learn how to set up websites try and set it up?

C. Hire a professional to set it up?

What would a millionaire do? My guess is if “The Donald” decided to change careers and work with personal trainers you wouldn’t see him building the blog himself. Now Mr. Trump IS known for hiring personal friends or acquaintances to perform work but if they don’t perform…well you know what happens.

Chances are the millionaire in our example would hire a professional, so if you chose “C” you win! Why is this the correct answer for someone with a Millionaire Mindset?  Because a blog site can be built in a couple of hours by someone willing to get paid a LOT less than Donald Trump. What is your hourly fee? Do you see yourself as a millionaire? Is your fee $10/hour, $50/hour, how about $100 or $500 per hour. That’s for you to decide.

Millionaires and most people with wealth value one thing over money; you guessed it…TIME. To someone with means Time Is Money, we’ve all heard the phrase before and it rings true in your online endeavors. You can spend literally hours building your own blog site trying to get everything just right or you could hire a professional.

By-the-way, if you are looking for a professional to build your website try going to www.odesk.com. You can get a professional blog set-up for about $60 US. This is called out-sourcing by-the-way and a MAJOR tool for millionaires. Don’t do anything yourself that you can have some else to cheaper.

Then what do people with a Millionaire Mindset spend their money on? In the online marketing arena there are two things you can bet the top earners spend money on.

First,  they don’t skimp on the right applications  to get the job done. Tools bloggers and website owners can purchase to help with Search Engine Optimization, for example, are critical to online business. As a business owner you have to make a decision whether owning these types of plug-ins are worth the money to enhance your ability to be “seen” on the Internet. What would Donald do?

Second, and probably the most important investment entrepreneurs with Millionaire Mindsets spend their money on is education (you can also look at this as advice). The Internet is a living breathing entity. It changes constantly and in order for online marketers to stay on top of the game we MUST be educating ourselves about the medium in which we work. We must also seek out the top professionals and be willing to pay for their advice on how to optimized our marketing efforts. Would Donald do it?


A Millionaire Mindset

A Millionaire Mindset

Do You Have A Millionaire Mindset?

Top network marketers such as David Wood, Mike Dillard, and Ray Higdon have millionaire mindsets. These guys don’t waste time doing things that can be outsourced. They spend their money on the tools that will help their business grow an most importantly they spend money, LOTS of money on educating themselves about their chosen profession and seeking advice from top professionals. It’s good enough for these millionaires, shouldn’t it be good enough for you?



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