9 Dale Carnegie Secrets to Build Clients


Dale Carnegie

It wasn’t too long ago I worked for a Dale Carnegie franchisee. I’d taken the Dale Carnegie Course just after retiring from the Air Force and was asked to work with the local franchisee. I learned a lot from working with the Dale Carnegie organization and I’d like to share a bit with you.

Dale Carnegie began his career developing and teaching his famous Dale Carnegie Course in Effective Public Speaking and Human Relations. Years later he became world famous after writing one of the original “self-help” books, How To Win Friends and Influence People.

Many of his rules apply to developing good relations with other which, of course, is our goal in life and in business.

Here are 9 Dale Carnegie Secrets to Build Clients:

When “Handling People”:

  • Arouse in the other person an eager want. When writing ads, emails, sales pages, etc. we identify what our client desperately needs or desires—what keeps them up at night. Find that eager want and fulfill it for long-term customers.

Ways To Make People Like You:

  • Become genuinely interested in the other person. Really get to know your prospects—do you REALLY care about THEIR wants, needs, and desires?
  • Smile. Do you SMILE when you write to your clients? When performing voiceovers we learn to smile when we speak our lines so the smile comes through in our voice. Believe me, if you smile at the client who’s in your mind when you write your copy…it’ll come through.
  • Talk in terms of the other person’s interest. Remember, your client could care less about what interests you. They’re concerned with WII-FM (what-s in it for me).
  • Make the other person feel important and—do it sincerely. In business a happy client is the most important asset you have. They ARE important and you need to make sure they know it and pass your feelings to them in an honest, sincere manner.

Ways to Win People To Your Way of Thinking

  • Begin in a friendly way. One of the first things we learn when writing copy is to write to a SINGLE If you were talking to or writing to a friend rather than a customer, wouldn’t you begin your conversation in a friendly manner? I sure hope so!
  • Start with questions with questions to which the other person will answer yes. If you know your customer this will be easy. You’ll know what void your business fills. Beginning with a question in a mailer or email asking a question you know they’ll answer YES to keeps them reading.
  • Try honestly to see things from the other person’s point of view. Again, this is the copywriter’s secret of knowing your prospect so intimately you are seeing your product or service from THEIR point of view.
  • Throw down a challenge. A great way to throw down a challenge in your correspondence is to challenge your client or customer to them put you to the test. CHALLENGE them to prove you wrong.

Use These 9 Dale Carnegie Secrets and Build Clients

Dale Carnegie has influenced MANY leaders of our time. They put his principles to use and were able to prosper from them. If you’ll put these few principles to work when you’re writing your marketing materials or conducting business you’re bound to see positive results.

To your success!


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