5 Keys to Attraction Marketing

Attraction Marketing

Attraction marketing has become pretty much the new standard in online sales. If you’re not familiar with attraction marketing, the be premise is rather than “pushing” your product or service on potential clients or customers, you “attract” those potential customers to you by provide value before attempting a sale.

It seems like common sense; you fulfill a customer need or desire without the sale and later the sale will come because the potential client has been attracted to your honesty, your expertise, and you integrity. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to understand this type of marketing is much more efficient and rewarding than the old “push” marketing.

Here are 5 Keys to Attraction Marketing to help you grow your business

  1. Remember that attraction marketing is about just that—attraction. There are scores of testimonials online about how marketers embraced the idea of attraction marketing and where able to grow leads and unbelievable rates. Attraction marketing works so DON’T FORCE IT! Give the process time to work and leads will be attracted to you.
  2. Give value first. The process begins with value. As an attraction marketer you MUST give value to your customers. If you customer needs a drill…does she really need a drill or does she really need a hole. Can you suggest ways for her to get that hole? Are there a number of ways the hole could be drilled? Hand drill, cordless drill, power drill, etc.? Don’t be in a hurry to suggest YOUR drill if it doesn’t necessarily solve the problem.
  3. Resist the temptation to “sell” your potential customers or clients too soon. Even if your drill is the BEST solution in your mind is it the best solution for the consumer? Attract people to you, don’t rush the process.
  4. Money is in the list. As an attraction marketer your real goal is to build a list of followers. Through opt-ins you will develop your leads base. The leads base will become the basis for your initial sales…or not. Whether you sell or not in the beginning of your relationship is somewhat irrelevant—build your list and the money will come.
  5. Fortune is in the follow-up. Studies show that for every dollar sold up front, another three dollars is earned in future or follow-up sales. And just as the follow-up provides a more substantial bump to your income it will also become the basis for those who will be attracted to you and all of your products. If you have other businesses this key position will be point from which the true attraction will manifest itself.

Attraction marketing has revolutionized how sales take place in the 21st century.

Online marketing in particular has benefited from attraction marketing due to the “opt-in” nature of most transactions. By giving a potential customer the ability to opt-in to your information stream trust becomes the basis of the online relationship. This foundation leads to a longer-lasting relationship that will lead to sales. Those sales, could and should lead to further sales, and in the case of those who market their businesses to others through network marketing, MLM, or other means will see leads turn to them and ask how they too can build business.

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Use attraction marketing and I’ll see you on the beaches of the world!


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