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4 Reasons to Start a Home-Based Business

home based business

4 Reasons to Start a Home-Based Business

I’m sure most of you could come up with more than four reasons to start a home-based business and that’s OK. Today, however, I’d like to go over four reasons I find starting a home-based business can be a GOOD thing.

Reason Number One: Taxes

If you live in the United States and work as an employee you are in the WORST tax position you could be in relation to the tax codes. Now I’m not going to go into the politics of how taxes are structured but I will tell you that US tax code favors the risk takers in our CAPITALIST society. Therefore, business owners get the tax breaks.

When you drive to or from work your JOB it’s probably NOT a tax deduction.

If you have a home-based business do you need to drive to the post office, stop by the office supply store, go to a business meeting, etc.? Tax Deductible.

Need to fly to Seattle to visit your parents…probably not tax deductible.

Need to fly to Seattle for a business trip and also see your parents? Some of that COULD BE TAX DEDUCTIBLE.

Please see a tax professional, but you can see that owning a home-based can have SIGNIFICANT tax implications.

Reason Number Two: Multiple Streams of Income

I did a blog post about this not too long ago so won’t go into too much detail BUT the bottom line is this:

Would your rather have a single paycheck from your employer or MULTIPLE checks from varied sources coming into your business?

Reason Number Three: Peace of Mind

So..we’re a little short staffed and will need you to come in to work on Saturday. And while your at it we’ll need you to come in and work on Sunday as well? Sound familiar? Well, I must admit I’m paraphrasing Bill Lunmbergh from the movie Office Space but you get the drift.

I love the movie Office Space because, in my humble opinion, it shows the plight of so many of us who have a terminal case of the Mondays. Whether we have an overbearing boss, a boring-go nowhere job, or just have to work with people we can’t stand it’s hard to have peace of mind if we aren’t our own boss.

Reason Number Four: Freedom

I was blessed with grandparents on my mother’s side of the family who retired about the time I was born. It wasn’t that they were very old, it’s just that they were in a position to quit their jobs as an electrician and school teacher at fairly early ages back in the 1960’s (man am I old, LOL).

The beauty of their arrangement was that my grandfather was able to pursue his hobby of collecting antique guns and coins and my grandmother was able to pursue her hobby of collecting antiques, period. Collectively, and the part we grandkids liked best was, it meant being able to spend a LOT of time with the grandchildren.

Why do I have 4 Reasons to Start a Home-Based Business?

I think in reality the fourth is my number one reason. My wife and I were recently blessed with our first grandchild; our granddaughter Rosemarie. We are, as you can probably imagine, very proud and humble at the same time. I can now understand more fully why my maternal grandparents chose to retire early to spend time with their grandchildren and look forward to spending as much time as we can with Rosie.

To my knowledge only a home-based business will allow my bride and me to have the freedom to spend time with our grandchildren. It is a home-based business that will allow me to be my own boss and not have to be concerned about pleasing a

home based business

Our Rosemarie

boss, working with people I don’t like, or being bored into an early grave.

Starting a home-based business allows me to diversify my income so I don’t have to rely on one stream that might dry up and gives me the tax breaks afforded to those willing to take risks.

There are certainly more than 4 Reasons to Start a Home-Based Business…but aren’t these four enough?


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