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Get Rich-Guaranteed!

Oh how many times have we heard or had, “Get rich-guaranteed” implied during our lives. What’s the truth…can anyone guarantee you’ll be rich? Well…maybe.

Over the years we’ve chased all kinds of ways to get rich; and when I say rich, I really mean wealthy. Thomas J. Stanley and William D. Danko in their book, “The Millionaire Next Door” define wealthy based upon net worth. Their threshold was a net worth of one million dollars based upon assets minus liabilities equals net worth. The authors also emphasize most of the millionaires they interviewed were motivated by investing in APPRECIABLE assets—assets that grow in value vice inappreciable assets—assets that lose value. Think a home versus an automobile. Read the rest of this entry

Keith is the resident writer and troublemaker at Empowered Pros.
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E-Commerce and a New Beginning

E-Commerce and a New Beginning

After a long hiatus from our blog and a year plus of e-commerce experience through our Amazon FBA (Fulfilled by Amazon), it’s time to step back and evaluate what we’ve learned over the past 18 months. Like so many of my friends and relatives we were lured to the Internet with the hopes of building a business that would eventually replace our full-time incomes we’re not seeing the results we expected. We ARE making money…BUT…just barely breaking even at this point. Again, like so many of our friends and relatives…and I’m sure many of you, what we found was a maze rather than a road map to success.

Like so many novices we were inundated with “the latest and greatest” method to build a successful online business. Many of those who approached us were nothing more than multi-level marketing companies trying to disguise themselves as legitimate business opportunities. Others were pitch men with the latest and greatest software “guaranteed” to get your website to number one on a Google search. Sound familiar?

It seems every “successful” entrepreneur who can spell e-commerce has made at least $100,000 their first year and for the low, low price of $xxx they’ll share how they became successful—right!

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Keith is the resident writer and troublemaker at Empowered Pros.
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