How Safe is Your Business?

As the United States heads into an election this year many small business owners are asking how safe is their business.

How Safe is Your Business?

Government regulations from state, local and federal sources have continued to put a damper on new start-up businesses as well as established businesses.

Regulations contained in the “Affordable Healthcare Act”, sometimes referred to as “Obamacare” seem to target small business owners and force them to pay more than “their fair share”, especially when it comes to paying employees for healthcare. It is somewhat ironic that what started as a way to get around government regulations has become an even greater burden for business owners.

Did you know during the Great Depression, the Roosevelt administration froze all pay raises for employees under the National Reform Act? Employers were not allowed to give employees pay raises; if they did employers could be imprisoned. To keep good employees and help provide for their employees’ families business owners turned to increasing benefits over pay and began providing health insurance as incentives.

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